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WHI People

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

Prophet who founded Islamic religion Muhammad
He threw off Mongol rule; expanded the Russian nation; and centralized power in Russia Ivan the Great
Roman poet who wrote Aeneid Virgil
Common law in England began under his rule Henry II
Northern Renaissance writer who wrote Utopia Sir Thomas More
King of Babylon; created a strict code of laws Hammurabi
"Enlightened One"; founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
Roman dictator who made many reforms in Rome, but was assassinated by Senators Julius Caesar
Famous apostle of the Christian faith Paul
Peasant; led French forces in 100 years war and Unified France; captured and burned at the stake Joan of Arc
Inventor of the moveable type printing press Johann Gutenberg
Greek philosopher; teacher of Plato; believed in questioning and learning Socrates
Started the French throne; his dynasty eventually controlled most of France Hugh Capet
Greek sculptor; hired to sculpt statute of Athena in Parthenon Phidias
General and orator who led Athens in Golden Ages; extended democracy Pericles
Persian prophet who created a religion with opposing forces Zoroaster
Father of the Hebrews; founder of Judaism Abraham
Roman Emperor who legalized Christianity in Edict of Milan Constantine
King of Macedonia; conquered all of Greece before his death Phillip II
Ruler of Byzantine Empire; created a code of laws; reconquered former Roman territories Justinian
Renaissance artist who created the Mona Lisa and Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci
Called for the 1st Crusades in a famous speech Pope Urban III
Two people who wrote Greek plays (dramas) Sophocles/Aeschylus
Duke of Normandy, led the Norman invasion, united England; won the battle of Hastings in 1066 William the Conqueror
Greek Philosopher, wrote the Republic; teaher of Aristotle Plato
Founder of Christianity; viewed by followers as the Messiah Jesus
Greek who had achievements in science with the lever and screw pump Archimedes
Father of Charlemagne; helped Pope defeat the Lombards of Northern Italy Pepin III
Renaissance writer who is known as the Father of Humanism and wrote sonnets Petrarch
Byzantine monk who adapted the Greek alphabet to slavic peoples St Cyrill
Greek poet; wrote the Iliad and Odyssey Homer
Greek Historian; Father of History Herodotus
Made Jerusalem an impressive city Solomon
Wrote The Praise of Folly; N. Renaissance writer Erasmus
Received the 10 commandments; led Israelities out of Egyptian slavery Moses
Greek; had achievements in science, father of Medicine Hippocrates
Renaissance sculptor; carved natural postures; sculpted David (had hat and boots) Donatello
Octavian's rival for the power of the Romans Marc Antony
Universal Soul and all-encompassing God of Hinduism Brahman
Greek who created a strict code of laws Draco
Muslim sultan who recaptured Jerusalem during the 3rd Crusades Saladin
Renaissance sculptor and painter; painted the Sistene Chapel ceiling and sculpted David Michelangelo
Conquered the Aztecs Cortez
Philosopher who started Confucianism Confucius
Forced by English nobility to sign the Magna Carta in 1215 King John
1st Emperor of China; had the Great Wall of China built Qin Shi Huangdi
General from Carthage who rode elephants over the Alps Hannibal
Greek; teacher of Alexander the Great Aristotle
Author of the Prince; gives advice for Italian city-states Machiavelli
1st Roman Emperor; Pax Romana occured under his rule Augustus (formerly Octavian)
2 people who expelled Jews and Muslim Moors from Spain Ferdinand and Isabella
Greek tyrant who outlawed debt slavery Solon
Persian who defeated Babylonians and freed the Hebrews from Babylonian Captivity Cyrus the Great
Greek who created Geometry Euclid
Philosopher who started Taoism Laozi
Defeated the Spanish Moors (Muslims) at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel
Conquered the Incas Pizarro
Great ruler of the Franks; crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 CE by the Pope Charlemagne
Name of God in Islam Allah
King of Mali; introduced Islam Mansa Musa
Renaissance Painter; created the School of Athens Raphael
Roman astronomer who had acheivements in astronomy; thoguht up the geocentric theory (earth centered) Ptolemy
Leader of the Catholic Church Pope
Indian Prince who sent missionaries to spread Buddhism Asoka
Established an empire that spread for Greece to Egypt to india; spread Hellenistic culture Alexander the Great
Unified the Persian Empire Darius
Unified the feuding Tribes of Israel (two Renaissance artists created sculptures of him) David
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