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WHI Americas/Africa

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

The Axum would be found in which current day African nation? Ethiopia
Who brought Islam to Mali? Mansa Musa
Identify the three African Kingdoms in order. Ghana, Mali, Songhai
What empire was located along the Upper Nile river and fought/traded with Egypt until it disappeared around 300CE? Nubia (Kush)
What city was a center of trade for Mali and Songhai Timbuktu
What was the capital of Zimbabwe? Great Zimbabwe
What river was Axum located along? Nile River
What trade route crossed west Africa? Trans-Sahara
What trade products were part of the Trans-Sahara trade route? Gold and Salt
What religion was Axum? Christian
What is an early religion in Africa that gives souls to inanimate objects Animism
What two rivers surrounded the African kingdom of Zimbabwe? Limpopo and Zambezi
Which American civilization was located in the Mexican and Central American rainforests along the Yucatan Peninsula? Maya
Which American civilization was located in South America along a mountain range? Inca
Which American civilization was located in the arid valley of Central Mexico? Aztecs
What mountain range are the Incas located in? Andes Mountains
The Aztecs are represented by which city? Tenochtitlan
The Mayas are represented by which city? Chichén Itzá
The Incas are represented by which city? Macchu Pichu
How are the Mayans similar to Greece and Sumer? They are ruled by independent city-states
What are Aztecs and Incas ruled by? Emperor
What type of religion did all American religions have? Polytheistic
Aztecs and Mayans both had these to worship their gods. Pyramids
What achievement did the Incas have that were similar to Rome and Persia? Roads
What type of economic system did all American empires have? Agriculture
What did Aztecs require from their conquered people? Tribute (payments)
What type of farming did Incas have? Terracing on the mountain
What are some achievements of the American civilizations? calendar, mathematics, writing/record keeping systems (quipu)
Created by: wengerkl