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Problems after WWI

Flashcards from the section before WWII

Problems in Europe after WWI? Japan and U.S. are the only ones that are okay, France keeps changing government, people suffering and ready for change
Problems in Germany? Weimar Republic formed, Jews being blames, Germany owes $33 billion, hyperinflation in Germany
Dawes Plan? Plan created by U.S. to help Germany hyperinflation but causes the U.S. to have no money
New ideas? Kafka writes novels to expose uneasiness, Joyce reflects Freud's ideas, existentialism, Nietzche wants return to heroic values
General Francisco Franco? Declared Spain a republic, leads rebellion, helped by Hitler and Mussolini, wins Civil War, becomes fascist leader
Fascist Germany? Hitler rebuilds and takes the Rhineland, Britain encourages appeasement, Hitler makes deal with Stalin to take Poland
American problems in 1920's? Wealth not distributes, factories produce less, lay off more people, banks are uninsured, market value based on speculation
Problems with League of Nations? No control, no progress of disarmament, no effective military force, does not spread of fascism
World divided? East falls to dictators, Czech remains democratic, world splits
Women's roles? Women win right to vote, adopt freer clothes and hair, seek careers
New art and music? Cubism uses geometric shapes, surrealism mixes life and dreams, jazz is created in America
Axis Powers? Germany-Hitler, Italy-Mussolini, Japan-Tojo
Sigmund Freud? Austrian doctor, psychoanalysis and dreams, behavior is not based on reason
Breaking point for American economics? Black Tuesday- October 29,1929, stocks plunge again
What does the Great Depression cause in Europe? Totalitarian and Militaristic dictatorships take over
Fascist Japan? seizes Manchuria, protested by League of Nations, Japan leaves League of Nations and launches war on China
Albert Einstein? Radically new ideas, studies physics, theory of relativity- time and space are not constant
Fascist Italy? Mussolini attacks Ethiopia, League of Nations does not interfere, Mussolini and Hitler help Franco
New Technology? Cars are cheaper and more efficient, Lindbergh flies alone across Atlantic, commercial radios, motion pictures
Adolf Hitler? Begins Nazism, Mein Kampf, believes in lebensraum/living space, turns Germany totalitarian, brual, deprives Jews of rights
Benito Mussolini? Leader of Fascist Party, in charge of Italy, takes firm control of politics and Italian economy
Created by: alexprice