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Interwar Period

Flashcards from Interwar Period

What was Lenin's economic policy called? NEP (New Economic Policy)
What does Lenin's NEP do for Russia? Makes Russian farms and factories productive again
What does Russia become? Soviet Union or U.S.S.R.
Who competes to replace Lenin when he dies? Trotsky and Stalin, but Stalin wins and kills Trotsky
What is totalitarianism? Government dominates every aspect of life with propaganda, indoctrination, and censorship
What was the Great Purge? Stalin destroys perceived enemies, 8-13 million dead
What is a command economy? Government makes all economic decisions
What was the Five-Year Plan? Stalin's plan for industrialization, leads to shortage of consumer goods
Positive Aspects of Communism in Russia? Better educations, women get advanced educations, women are treated equal to men
What was the Kumintang? Nationalist Party of China
Who leads the Kumintang? Sun Yixian, teaches nationalism, democracy, and economic security
Why did young nationalists follow Sun? Europe did not follow through with promises made to China with the Treaty of Versailles
Who was Mao Zedong? Forms Chinese communist party, hates Lenin for helping nationalists
Who was Jiang Jieshi? Hates communism, nationalist leader after Sun, not many followers
Chinese Civil War? Communists vs nationalists, Mao uses guerrilla army, communists make Long March, war suspended when Japan invades
Who made up the Congress Party and Muslim League? Congress (Hindus) and Muslim (Muslims)
Why did the British pass the Rowlatt Acts? Wanted to put tough laws on India because they are afraid of the radicals
Amritsar Massacre? British opened fire on Indian crowd, killed 400 and injured 1,200, sparks nationwide anger
Who was Mohandas K. Gandhi? Blended religions, powerful leader, urges civil disobedience, backed by Congress Party, boycott British things
Salt March? 240 mile walk led by Gandhi to collect seawater for salt to protest Salt Acts
Government of India Act? Passed by Parliament to give India local self-government and election reforms but does not lift tensions
Who was Mustafa Kemal? Turkish general who overthrows Ottoman sultan and forms the modern Republic of Turkey, becomes Ataturk
Reza Shah Pahlavi? Takes power and modernizes Persia (Iran)
Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud? Unifies Arabia into Saudi Arabia, modernizes life, keeps Islamic traditions, no effort to bring democracy
Oil in Asia? Exploration of Southwest Asia, new foreign investment, western nations try to dominate Asia
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