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Flashcards from WWI section

What new nations were created? Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia
What were the results of the war? 9 million soldiers dead, 21 million wounded, 13 million civilians dies of disease of starvation
When was the armistice signed? November 11, 1918 at 11:11
How do the allies win? They defeat Germany at the Western Front
Why does Russia withdraw from the war? Communists take control and sign treaty with Germany to leave war
What 3 things emerge? Rationing, propaganda, women begin working real jobs
What is total war? Nations devote all buildings and resources to the war
What causes the US to join the fight? Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare sinks the Lusitania and Germany tries to get help from Mexico
Which countries lost the most people? Germany, Russia, then France
Battle of Gallipoli? Unsuccessful attempt to control the sea route from Europe to Russia, Ottoman Empire vs Britain, France, Central powers win
Battle of Jutland? A Naval battle where Britain defeated Germany
Who were the "Big Four" who met? Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau, David Lloyd George, Vittorioi Orlando
First Battle of the Masurian Lakes? Part of the Eastern Front where Germany destroyed Russia
Battle of Verdun? German surprise attack on France, French quits but no one wins
The Western Front? War of attrition in France that had no real winner
Battle of the Somme? Germany vs Britain and France, Britain introduces the tank
Who were the main central powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
What was the Schlieffen Plan? A plan by Alfred von Schlieffen to take Paris, but failed
Why did Germany introduce U-Boats? Britain blockaded all German ports
New warfare technology? Poison gas, tanks, machine guns
How did England get involved? Germany invaded Belgium who had an alliance with Britain
Why did England and France sign the Entante Cordiale? To work together against Germany
Who dominated the Congress of Berlin? Otto von Bismark
What country first upset the balance of power? Germany
What was the Reinsurance treaty? A treaty between Germany and Russia to not let Russia have an alliance with France
What sparked the war? A Serbian man killed Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne
What was the "Blank Check"? Germany promised to support Austria-Hungary in any war
What were the "Willy Nicky Letters"? Letters between William II (Germany) and Nicholas II (Russia) who were cousins
Who were the main allied powers? Britain, France, Russia, eventually United States
Battle of the Marne? Between France and Germany, but France won and saved Paris
What does President Woodrow Wilson write? The Fourteen Points, suggested the League of Nations but declined to join
To be safe from the French, who did Germany form an alliance with? Austria-Hungary and Russia
Who made up the Three Emperor's League? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia
What did Russia do after the Congress of Berlin? Terminated the Three emperor's league, signed the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy
Who was in the Triple Alliance? Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia
What happened when Kaiser William II dropped the Reinsurance policy? France and Russia signed an alliance
Causes of WWI? Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism, Anarchy, Leadership
Battle of Ypres? Germany vs France, Britain, Canada; Germany introduced poison gas but Allies eventually win
Battle of Tannenberg? First month of WWI, Russia vs Germany, Germany won, Eastern front, Russia destroyed
What 2 countries were placed under Austrian care at the Congress of Berlin? Bosnia and Herzegovina
What were some of the things decided by the Treaty of Versailles? Reduced German army, stopped creation of major weapons, Germany lost colonies and had to accept blame and pay for war
What 3 countries were declared independent at the Congress of Berlin? Serbia, Montenegro, Romania
What was the Bosnain Crisis? Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina, made Serbia mad, Russia supported Serbia, Germany intervened and upset Russia
Eastern Front? Germany and Austria-Hungary wanted to remove Russia, Russians have low morale
What leads to Nazism? Resentment among the German people
Created by: alexprice