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WHI River Civs

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

What does Mesopotamia mean? Between the rivers
The Mesopotamia civilization settled along what rivers? Tigris and Euphrates
The Egyptian civilization settled along what river? Nile
The Indian civilization settled along what river? Indus
The Chinese civilization settled along what river? Huang He (Yellow)
The Fertile Crescent wrapped between which two bodies of water? Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea
Where did the Phoenicians settle? Along the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea (Middle East)
Where did the Hebrews settle? Between the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River
Where was Nubia (Kush) located? Along the Upper Nile River
What two things did river valleys offer civilizations? Fertile soil and protection
Earliest code of laws Hammurabi's Code (Mesopotamia - Babylon)
What type of religion do almost all early civilizations have? Polytheistic
Was the first city-state. Sumer
Hebrews practiced what type of religion? Monotheistic (Judaism)
This was the scattering of Hebrews following release from Babylonian Captivity Diaspora
Created the first alphabet Phoenicians
Had the first writing Sumer (Cuneiform)
4 reasons why the Persians were successful Road system, Imperial bureaucracy, Tolerance for conquered people, Zoroastrianism
Religion of the Persians Zoroastrianism
Twin cities in the early Indian civilizations Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
Which group invaded the indian civilization Aryans
Social Class system in India Caste System
Under which empire was most India politically unified Mauryan
Who created veterinary clinics, free hospitals, good roads and spread Buddhism Asoka
What mountain range separates China and India Himalayas
What mountain range has two separate passes on the Northwestern side of India Hindu Kush
What are the two mountain passes in the Hindu Kush Bolan Pass and Khyber Pass
Under which empire did India have a Golden Age? Gupta
What are some achievements during the Indian Golden Age? Concept of zero, medical (setting bones), concept of round earth (astronomy), new textiles, literature
The mixture of Aryan beliefs and native Indian beliefs led to the development of what religion? Hinduism
What was built on the northern border of China to prevent invasions? Great Wall of China
Who had the Great Wall of China built? Qin Shi Huangdi
How was China governed? Series of dynasties
How did dynasties hold power Under the Mandate of Heaven (Divine-God- right to rule) as long as their rule is just.
What trade route facilitated trade with areas like Russia or as far off as the Mediterranean Sea? Silk Road
What two philosophies impacted Chinese culture and values? Confucianism and Taoism
What are some contributions from classical China? Civil Service system, silk, paper, porcelain
What type of geography is Japan? archipelago (series of Islands)
What body of water separates Japan from Korea? East Sea (or Sea of Japan)
What Chinese influences were carried into Japan? writing, architecture, Buddhism
Created by: wengerkl