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WHI Byzantine/Russia

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

Why was the location of Constantinople important? Easily fortified on peninsula with harbors, distance from Germanic invaders, crossroads of trade, eastern frontier offers protection
Byzantine Empire codified Roman Laws. What was it called? Justinian's Code
Who was the main Emperor of the Byzantine Empire? Justinian
Who was Justinian's wife? Theodora
What three things is Justinian known for? Codification of Roman laws, reconquering former Roman territories, expansion of trade
This is a Christian Church that was created under Justinian in the Byzantine Empire. Hagia Sophia
What small pictures made of glass and tiles were used extensively in public and religious structures? Mosaics
These are sacred (religious) images that became a source of conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and Greek Orthodox Church Icons
Byzantine Art was influenced by the Christian religion and Imperial power but had very little _______________. reality - Unrealistic portraits
Greek and Roman knowledge and culture was preserved in these in the Byzantine Empire. Libraries
This church was dominate in the Byzantine Empire (be specific) Greek (Eastern) Orthodox
Which empire heavily influenced Russian art and architecture? Byzantine
What architectural influence did the Russians use on their churches? How did it differ from the Byzantine Empire? Domes; Russians have onion shaped domes
This alphabet mixed Greek and Slavic languages Cyrillic
This church is dominate in Russia Greek (Eastern) Orthodox
Russia heavily uses this trade route Black to Baltic (or Northern European)
Who conquers the Byzantine Empire in 1453? Ottoman Empire
When the Byzantine Empire is conquered, what do they rename Constantinople? Istanbul
Created by: wengerkl