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WHI Rome

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

What mountain range is to the north of Italy Alps
What type of land feature is Italy Peninsula
What does the Mediterranean Sea do for Italy? Provides protection and opportunities for trade
What type of government did Rome create after they got rid of the Etruscan monarchs? Representative Democracy/Republic
Which group was the highest in the social hierarchy in Rome Patricians
Who was at the bottom of the social hierarchy in Rome? Slaves
Which group made up the Senate, how long did they serve, what was their job and how many were there? Patricians, for life, make laws, 300
Which group were Consuls from, how long did they serve, what was their job and how many were there? Patricians, 1 year, enforce laws, 2
What was the role of the dictator and how long could they serve? Rule in times of war/conflict and serve for 6 months.
What was the main power of the Tribunes and what group did they represent? Veto power, Plebians
What were the laws of Rome? 12 Tables or 12 Tablets (First time that someone is innocent until proven guilty)
who were the Punic Wars between, how many were there and who won? Rome vs Carthage, 3 wars, Rome won
Which Carthaginian general invaded the Italian Peninsula on elephants? Hannibal
What are some of the reasons why the Roman Republic declined? Slavery in the agricultural system (lack of jobs for citizens), unemployment, civil war over Julius Caesar's power, inflation
Who makes up the first triumvirate Julius Caesar, Marcus Crassus, Pompey
Who seizes power in Rome and becomes Dictator for life Julius Caesar
When did the Roman Republic start? 509 BCE
Which group of people assassinated Julius Caesar by stabbing him to death? Senators
Which two people fought for power after Julius Caesar's death? Marc Antony and Octavian
Who becomes Rome's first Emperor (which means he leads the Roman Empire)? Augustus (used to be called Octavian)
What is something Augustus fails to do for when he dies? He did not leave a successor or heir. (Chaos because of this!)
What is the 200 year period of peace and prosperity in Rome Pax Romana
What are some economic impacts of the Pax Romana? uniform system of money, safe travels and trade on roads, stability and prosperity
What are some social impacts of the Pax Romana? emphasis on family, stability to social classes
What are some political impacts of the Pax Romana? civil service, uniform code of law
What monotheistic develops and is spread throughout the Roman Empire by apostles? Christianity
What is the impact of Christianity in the late Roman Empire after it was established? Unifies empire, official state religion, Church has moral authority, loyalty to church
Who legalizes Christianity in the Roman Empire in the Edict of Milan? Constantine
What is the temple dedicated to all the Gods in Rome and has a dome? Pantheon
Who wrote Aeneid? Virgil
Who had achievements in Science and thought of the geocentric theory? Ptolemy
What technological achievement allowed for communication throughout the Roman Empire? (Similar to Persians and Incas) Roads
What was the language of Rome? Latin
Latin was the basis of Spanish, French and Italian. What type of languages were they? Romance
What brought water to Rome aquaducts
What building technology provided strength in Roman buildings by spreading out the weight? Arches
What is the architectural achievement where gladiators fought in Rome? Colosseum
This is the marketplace in Rome Forum
Who moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium? Constantine
What did Constantine rename Byzantium Constantinople
What are some reasons why the Roman Empire fell (the western side)? Invasions, devaluation of currency (money), moral decay (loss of faith in empire), family was not as valued, civil conflicts, weak leaders, too big (Spread out)
Created by: wengerkl