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WHI Greece

Based off of VaDOE SOLs

Body of water to the east of Greece Aegean Sea
Body of water to the west of Greece Adriatic Sea
Body of water to the south of Greece Mediterranean Sea
Type of physical geography that Greece has Mountainous
2 reasons why Greeks had to colonize elsewhere lack of arable land; overpopulation
Type of "culture" that Greece has Hellenic
In Greek economy, they shifted from bartering to this use of coins
Because of the terrain in Greece, the political system developed into independent ____________________________________ City-states
Citizens of Greece Free Adult men
Not included as citizens in Greece women, foreigners, slaves
Evolution of the Greek Government Monarchy, Aristocracy, Tyranny, Democracy
Type of democracy that Greece has Direct democracy, all citizens vote, participate in assemblies
Tyrant who created harsh laws in Greece Draco
Tyrant who got rid of debt slavery, weakened aristocracy Solon
Type of Government Sparta has Oligarchy (rule by small group) - 2 kings for Sparta
Type of society in Sparta militaristic
Who fought in the Persian Wars? Athens v. Persia
Name the three battles Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis
Results of Persian Wars Greece (Athens) wins; get control of Aegean, Greeks stronger, start Delian League (alliance), Go through a Golden Age
Who fought in Peloponnesian Wars? Athens v. Sparta
Why did those two groups fight in the Peloponnesian Wars? Athens started to dominate Greek life, Athens was spending a lot of money
Who won the Peloponnesian Wars? Sparta (with help of Persia)
What are the results of the Peloponnesian Wars? Greeks are weaker, they get invaded by Macedonia
Who led the Golden Age in Greece after the Persian Wars? Pericles
Which two Greeks were known for doing Drama? Aeschylus and Sophocles
Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer
Who is the Father of History? Herodotus
Who is a Greek Sculptor who sculpted Athena? Phidias
Who had achievements in Science and created the lever and screwpump? Archimedes
Who had achievements in science and was the Father of Medicine? Hippocrates
Who is the Father of Geometry? Euclid
Who created a theory where A2 x B2 = C2 Pythagoras
Who is the father of Philosophy and taught Plato Socrates
Who wrote the Republic and taught Aristotle Plato
Who was the teacher of Alexander the Great Aristotle
Which Macedonian King, and father of Alexander the Great, conquered most of Greece? Phillip II
Who established an empire from Greece to Egypt to India Alexander the Great
What is hellenistic culture Mixture of Greek, Egyptian and Persian cultures
Who spread hellenistic culture Alexander the Great
This architectural achievement was a temple dedicated to Athena Parthenon
This type of column is a flat rectangle at the capital (top part of column) Doric
This type of column has a scroll at the capital Ionic
This type of column is very ornate with many decorations Corinthian
Created by: wengerkl