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WHI Religions

Based off of VaDOE SOLs (all units combined)

Founder of Judaism Abraham
Founder of Christianity Jesus
Founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
Founder of Hinduism None
Founder of Islam Muhammad
Founder of Confucianism Confucius
Founder of Zoroastrianism Zoroaster
Founder of Taoism Laozi
Book of Judaism Torah
Book of Christianity Bible (New Testament)
Book of Buddhism none
Book(s) of Hinduism Vedas/Upanishads
Book of Islam Qu'ran
Book of Confucianism Analects
Book of Taoism Dao de Jing
Received the 10 commandments and led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery Moses
How Judaism Spread Exile, Diaspora
How Buddhism spread Asoka sent missionaries and spread through India, SE Asia and China
How Christianity spread Apostles (Paul was a famous one)
Monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Polytheistic religions Hinduism, Greek and Roman Gods/Goddesses
Nontheistic religion Buddhism
Chinese Religious Philosophies Confucianism, Taoism
Ethnic religion of Japan Shinto
Early religious beliefs in Africa revolved around this Animism
How Christian doctrine was established Early Church councils
Belief in Hinduism and Buddhism - rebirth based on Karma Reincarnation
Belief in Hinduism - All actions have future consequences Karma
Siddhartha's beliefs about life (Life is all suffering and sorrow) 4 Noble Truths
How to reach enlightenment in Buddhism (Usually shown on Buddhist wheel..."right" mindfulness, "right" speech) Follow the Eightfold Path
5 beliefs of Confucianism People are basically good, ancestor worship, education is important, politeness and respect for elders
3 beliefs of Taoism Harmony with nature, humility, simple life and inner peace
beliefs of Shinto Forces of nature, natural features, ancestors (co-exists with buddhism)
Main religion of Persia; two opposing forces Zoroastrianism
Roman God of Thunder and Lightning Jupiter
Greek God of Thunder and Lightning Zeus
Roman Goddess of Marriage and Jealousy Juno
Greek Goddess of Marriage and Jealousy Hera
Greek and Roman God of sun, music, light and prophesy Apollo
Greek Goddess of the Hunt and wild things/moon goddesses Artemis
Roman Goddess of the Hunt and wild things/moon goddesses Diana
Greek Goddess of Battle and Wisdom Athena
Roman Goddess of Battle and Wisdom Minerva
Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite
Roman Goddess of love Venus
3 things that early mythology in Greece and Rome explain Natural phenomena, human characteristics/emotions, life events
Where did Islam Originate? Middle East (Founded in Medina, Mecca is holiest city)
What are people who follow Islam called? Muslims
What is an early name for Jewish people? Hebrews
Where was Judaism founded? Israel (Jerusalem)
Where did Hinduism originate? India
Where did Buddhism originate? India (more specifically Nepal)
What do all Muslims have to follow? 5 Pillars of Islam
What are the 5 pillars of Islam (Name them) Fasting during Ramadan, pray toward Mecca 5 times a day, charity, hajj (or pilgrimage) to Mecca, Declaration of faith
Name of Islamic God Allah
How did Islam Spread Along trade routes
Who brought Islam to Mali Mansa Musa
What language is the Islamic holy book, Qu'ran, written Arabic
Why did Islam split into 2 sects? Disagreements over leadership
What are the two sects of Islam and which is majority/minority? Sunni (majority) Shi'ite (minority)
Where did the spread of Islam come to an end? Battle of Tours
Why did Christianity split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox? Over leadership, use of icons, language
Which Christian Church is based in Rome Roman Catholic
Which Christian Church is based in Constantinople? Greek (or Eastern) Orthodox
When Islam spread, where was the Capital? (Hint: located in Iraq near Persian Gulf) Baghdad
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