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AC-Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

What geographical factor helped to account for the rise of separate city-states in Greece? Mountains
Where did ancient Greece cities tend to develop? Near an Acropolis
What is an acropolis? High Hill
What is the name of the sea around which Greek civilization grew up? Aegean Sea
What did the ancient Greeks call themselves? Hellenes
What did the ancient Greeks call their homeland? Hellas
What role did the gods of Ancient Greece play in the life of humans? They interfered in human lives
What did the Ancient Greeks beleive the gods lived? Mount Olympus
In ancient Greece, what did the word "polis" mean? City-State
What is a "city-state"? A city that acts like a country or nation
What was the Greek word for marketplace? Agora
What is the largest island near the Greek mainland? Crete
What is the name of the first great civilization that grew up in Crete? Minoan
Who were the "Minoans"? Early pre-Greeks that lived on the island of Crete
Who were the "Myceneans"? Early greeks living on the mainland of Greece
What was the name of the half-man/half-beast which supposedly resided on the island of Ancient Crete/ Minotaur
What happened to the Minoan civilization that caused it's eventual decline? Volcanic eruption at Thera (Santorini)
What two famous Greek epics were written by Homer? The Iliad and The Odyssey
What was the name of the person whose "face launched a thousand ships"? Helen
Who fought whom in the Trojan War? Mycenaeans (early Greeks from the mainland of Greece) and the Trojans
According to Homer, how did the Greeks defeat the Trojans? The old hide in the wooden horse trick
Who discovered the site of ancient Troy? Heinrich Schliemann
How long did the Trojan War last? 10 Years
Who was Heinrich Schliemann? German, Father of Archaeology, Found site of Ancient Troy
The ancient Olympic Games were held to honor _____. Zeus
What type of government developed in Athens, permitting all citizens to take part? Democracy
Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful _____. City-States
What was the Parthenon? Temple to Athena, on the acropolis in Athens
Name three famous Ancient Greek philosophers. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
Describe the "Socratic method" of teaching. Ask questions, engage in dialogue, wisdom is within each of us
The teachings of Socrates are contained in whose writings? Plato
What is Atlantis? Story of a city that sunk into the sea
Who first wrote about Atlantis? Plato
What were Greek hoplites? Greek foot soldiers
What was the name for the Greek battle formation using a wall of shields? Phalanx
Describe the use of the phalanx in warfare, in Ancient Greece. Like a human tank
What is "democracy"? A form of government in which the people rule
Which city in Ancient Greece had a democratic form of government? Athens
Hippocrates became known as the Father of _____. Medicine
How was Athens different than Sparta? Athens-wealthy,people enjoyed life,a beautiful city,focus on personal growth,powerful navy
How was Sparta different than Athens? Purpose to serve the state, killed imperfect children, live "Spartan" life, strongest army
What was the Peloponnesian War? 27 year war between Athens and Sparta
Who won the Peloponnesian War? Sparta
Who was the Father of History? Herodotus
Where was Alexander the Great from? Macedon or Macedonia
Alexander the Great learned much about Greek culture, science, and philosophy from _____. Aristotle
What was the name of Alexander's father? Philip II
What change(s) did Philip and Alexander the Great make in the phalanx? More offensive, smaller shields, two handed pike, small dagger
Who founded Alexandria, Egypt? Alexander the Great
Why did the Egyptians so willingly "open their city gates" and accept the takeover of their cities by Alexander and his army? They believed Alexander was a god/pharoah
What was the cultural and intellectural center of Alexander's empire? Alexandria, Egypt
What culture spread to lands conquered by Alexander the Great? Greek
What was the easternmost extent of Alexander's empire? India
What happened to Alexander the Great's empire after his death? Broken into three parts and split among three of Alexander's generals
What is the term that refers to the blending of Greek and Asian cultures? Hellenism
What is the legacy of Alexander the Great? Great military leader still studied today; spread Greek culture throughout Egypt and Persia
What is the legacy of Ancient Greece? Democracy, olympic games, trial by jury, theater/drama, philosophy, architecture, language
List the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Pyramid of Giza; Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Temple of Artemis at Ephesus; Statue of Zeus at Olympia; Mausoleum at Halicarnassus; Colossus of Rhodes; Lighthouse at Alexandria
Which came first (earliest date) in Greek history - The Trojan War or the death of Alexander the Great? The Trojan War
Which came first (earliest date) in Greek history - The Battle of Thermopylae or the beginning of Minoan Civilization on Crete? The beginning of civilization on Crete
Which came first (earliest date) in Greek history - The death of Philip II or the first Olympic Games? The first Olympic Games
A long poem that tells a story is known as an ______________/ Epic
If the Trojan War really occurred, what might have been the real reason for the war other than Helen? Control of access to the Black Sea for trade
Where were the Ancient Greek Olympic games held? Olympia
Greek civilization reached its peak during the time of the _______________________. Golden Age
Who was the leader of Athens during the Golden Age? Pericles
Athena was the goddess of _____________________. Wisdom
The most accepted theory about the location of Plato's Atlantis is that it was the island of __________. Thera
What were Greek hoplites? Greek foot soldiers
What was the primary interest of the city-state of Sparta? Military
What Greek city-state had the most powerful army? Sparta
What Greek city-state had the most powerful navy? Athens
Where was Alexander the Great born? Macedon
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