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World Independence

Flashcards from the Fight for Independence Section

What was the Balkans? A region of Europe controlled by the Ottomans
What is a conservative? Landowners and nobles, want a traditional monarchy, want little to no change
What is a liberal? Wealthy merchants and business owners, want some slow change, wanted a limited deomcracy
What is a radical? Poor or lower class, want communism, want fast change right now
What is nationalism? Being loyal to a nation and not your ruler
What is a nation-state? A nation with its own independent government
Who stays in control after the French Revolution? Conservatives
Why is France's monarchy replaced with a republic? Charles X tried to restore an absolute monarchy but was overthrown
Who was Louis-Napoleon? President of France, Napoleon's nephew, later becomes emperor
What was the Crimean War? Russia wanted a warm water port from Turkey but loses due to lack of industrialization
Who was Alexander II? Czar of Russia, frees serfs but are still tied to land because of debt, assassinated by terrorists
What was Austria-Hungary? Formed after nationalism began to destroy Austria
What is Russification? Forcing other nations to accept Russian culture, this causes czars to lose control
Who united Italy? Camillo de Cavour with the help of Giuseppe Garibaldi
What country unified Germany? Prussia
Who was Otto von Bismark? Prussian Prime minister, master of realpolitik
What was the Seven Weeks War? Prussia beats Austria
What was the Franco-Prussian War? Bismark provokes France over German unification, Prussia wins, Wilhelm is crowned kaiser
Who were the Peninsulares? The upper class defined as people who are born in Spain
Who were the Creoles? People whose parents were born in Spain, can serve in the army
Who were the Mestizos? People who have European and Indian ancestry
Who were the Mulattos? People who have European and African ancestry
Who were the Slaves/Indians? People at the bottom of society
What was special about Haiti? First Latin American territory to gain freedom, led by Toussaint L'Overture in slave revolts
Who was Simon Bolivar? Leads the north in revolution
Who was San Martin? Leads the south in revolution
Who was Dom Pedro? Man from Portugal who declares Brazil independent
Who was Padre Miguel Hidalgo? Priest who launches Mexican revolts
What were pogroms? Anti-semitic riots and attacks on Jews
Who was Nicholas II? Succeeded Alexander III
Who were the Bolsheviks? Led by Lenin to forcefully bring about a socialist society
What was Bloody Sunday? Peaceful protesters were murdered by the police
What was a Duma? A legislature
Where do nationalists revolt? Belgium, Italy, and Poland
What did Dessalines do? Declares Haiti a country
What did Iturbine do? Declares Mexico independent
Created by: alexprice