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AP Human Geo Ch.7

AP Human Geography Chapter 7

from the Greek ethnikos, meaning "people, multitude, nation" ethnicity
ethnicities share a cultural identity with people from the same ______________, _____________________, _____________- homeland, hearth, history
ethnicities have distinctive cultural _________________ traits/traditions
the belief that your ethnic group is superior to others ethnocentrism
people tend to ____________________ other ethnic groups to their own compare
when 1 ethnic group blends into another and loses its own unique attributes assimilation
adopting some or all of the characteristics of another, dominate culture group acculturation
an equal two-way flow between culture groups transculturation
the dominant first arrivals establishing the cultural norms and standards against which other immigrant groups were measured charter group
who is the charter group for the United States? england
who is the charter group for Louisiana? France
small areas inhabited by particular ethnic groups found in urban areas ethnic enclaves
_____________________ can hint at the presence of an ethnic enclave toponyms
a dispersed area of ethnic concentration in rural areas ethnic islands
Hispanics (Latinos)- ___________ percent of the U.S. population 15
African Americans- ___________ percent of the U.S. population 13
Asian Americans- ___________ percent of the U.S. population 4
Native Americans- ___________ percent of the U.S. population 1
who makes up 15 % of the United States Hispanics
why are Hispanics highly concentrated in the southwest U.S. closer they are to the border the more similar it will be to Mexico where they came from
who makes up 13 % of the United States African-Americans
why are African Americans found in the specific pattern history of slave trade- after being freed they stayed put
who makes up 4 % of the United States Asian Americans
what might explain Asian Americans area of concentration west coast and Hawaii are closest to Asia
what is a "Native American" people that were in America first
what might explain Native Americans clustered distribution reservations- only land the US allowed them to live on; most people don't want to live in Alaska so there is lots of space
a group of people who share a similar biological ancestor race
traits which can passed down ____________________ and can sometimes be seen ____________________ genetically; physically
the belief that one race is genetically superior to another racism
the Supreme Court legalized ___________________________ after the case Plessy V. Ferguson 1896 racial segregation
Jim Crow laws were established to keep the races _________________ from one another, but they were supposed to have __________________ accommodations separated; equal
many house deeds stated that residents couldn't sell their homes to blacks, causing whites and blacks to be _________________ in different neighborhoods concentrated
as a result of separate but equal, different races attended different ___________________ schools
"separate but equal" was overturned and schools were being ________________ after Brown V. Board of Education in 1954 integrated
instead of integrating schools, whites left the cities and moved to the _________________________ suburbs
"White Flight" also allowed for expansion of __________________________ poor, inner-city neighborhoods
real- estate agents convince whites to sell their homes to them cheaply, because blacks are moving into their neighborhoods blockbusting
agents sell homes at a _______________ price to blacks moving from the inner-city higher
South Africa was colonized by the ___________________ in the 17th century Dutch (charter group)
what were the Dutch that colonized South Africa called Afrikaans
the physical separation of the races apartheid
babies in south africa were classified as 1 of 4 different races: ______________________, _____________, __________________, or _____________- black , white, colored(mixed) , Asian
each race in South Africa was given its own legal _______________- status
in 1991, the white-dominated government in South Africa ______________ apartheid laws repealed
who was elected as South Africa's president in 1991 Nelson Mandela
the population in a nation is represented by a ___________________________ single culture, all born in the same place
what do not all nations have state
the _______________ (Sunni Muslims) that have historically lived in many different states, such as in Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey are an example of a nation without a state Kurds
the highest number of Kurds live in _________________ Turkey
a state whose territory corresponds to territory occupied by a particular ethnicity that has been transformed into a nationality nation-state
typically these ethnic groups identify as a nationality themselves ____________________- self-determination
much of western Europe is composed of nation-states, meaning states inhabited primarily by _____________ ethnic group one
loyalty and devotion to your nationality nationalism
brings people together within a particular country centripetal force
symbols of nationalism ________________ songs or flags
what kind of image can nationalism foster of other nation states negative
forces that tear a country apart centrifugal force
have multiple nations which practice self-determination within them multinational states
what is an example of a multinational state United Kingdom
what is currently the largest multinational state Russia
what methods might ethnic groups use to dominate over another ethnic cleansing
sometimes ethnicities __________________ to dominate the national identity compete
a process in which a more powerful ethnic group forcibly removes a less powerful one in order to create an ethnically homogeneous region ethnic cleansing
For any Full House fans................... YOU GOT IT, DUDE!! ;)
Created by: dancer2024
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