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Industrial Rev. 9/17

Flashcards from Industrial Revolution section

Industrial Revolution? Begins in Britain, changes from a farming economy to an industrial economy, begins in the textile industry
What are the factors of production? Land (coal, water, iron), labor, and capital
Who was Jethro Tull? Invented the seed drill
Who was Eli Whitney? Invented the cotton gin
Who was James Hargreaves? Invented the spinning jenny
Who was Richard Arkwright? Invented the spinning frame
Who was John Kay? Invented the flying shuttle
Who was Edmund Cartwright? Invented the power loom
Who was James Watt? Invented the steam engine
Who was Richard Trevithick? Invented the steam train
Who was Robert Fulton? Invented the steamship
What was the American system? Mass production, interchangeable parts, assembly line
Who was William Cockerill? Introduced the revolution to Belgium, which makes it the second to industrialize
Who was Alfred Nobel? Invented dynamite and used the money to fund the Nobel Peace Prize
Who was Alessandro Volta? Invented the first battery
Who was Michael Faraday? Invented the first simple electric motor
Who was Nikolaus Otto? Invented the gas powered internal combustion engine
Who was Karl Benz? Invented the 3 wheeled car
Who was Gottlieb Daimler? Invented the 4 wheeled car
Who was Henry Ford? Invented the Model T
Who were the Wright Brothers? Invented the airplane
Who was Samuel Morse? Invented the telegraph
Who was Alexander Graham Bell? Invented the telephone
Who was Guglielmo Marconi? Invented the wireless radio
What are the types of monopolies? Horizontal and vertical
Who was William Wilberforce? Abolished slavery in Britain
Who was Robert Owen? Improved workers' conditions
Who invented laissez-faire capitalism? David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus
Who invented utilitarianism? Jeremy Bentham
Who was Adam Smith? Believed in economic liberty, wrote wealth of nations, free markets, supported economic liberty
Who was John Stuart Mills? Wanted regulation for workers
What is socialism? Everyone owns everything
Who was Karl Marx? Wrote the communist Manifesto
Who was the first female suffragette? Emmaline Pankhurst
Who was Charles Darwin? Came up with the theory of evolution
Who was John Dalton? Came up with the atomic theory
Who was Marie Curie? Discovered radioactivity
Who was Albert Einstein? Came up with the theory of relativity
Who was Louis Pasteur? Invented the vaccination
Who was Long? Discovered the anasthetic
Who was Joseph Lister? Discovered the antiseptic
Who was Pavlov? Studied behavior based on conditioning
Who was Sigmund Freud? Studied psychoanalysis and dreams
What was the Reform Bill of 1832? Reformed child labor laws
What did Carnegie do? Worked in the steel industry
What did Vanderbuilt? Worked in the shipping industry
What did Rockefeller do? Worked in the standard oil industry
Who was a romantic writer? Victor Hugo
What is impressionism? A type of art that focuses on trying to capture exact moments and feelings in time
Who promoted socialism and communism? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles
What is communism? Government owns everything, takes root in Russia, China, and Cuba
What is romanticism? focuses on nature, emotion, and individuality
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