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1st French Rev. 9/5

Flashcards from the First French Revolution Section

Old French government? Old regime
First Estate? Made of the Catholic clergy, owned 10% of land, 1% of population, paid few taxes
Second Estate? Made of rich nobles, 2% of population, own 20% of land
Third Estate? 97% of population, peasants, workers, middle class, paid heavy taxes, no rights, want change
National Assembly? 1st government of revolution, set up by 3rd estate, Tennis Court Oath, wrote Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, put church under government control with Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Storming of the Bastille? July 14, 1789
Girondists? Moderates, felt revolution had gone too far, killed by the Jacobins
Plain? Undecided, forced to convert to radicals by the Jacobins
Jacobins? Control National Convention, led by Robespierre, extreme radicals, led mass executions, killed Girondists, converted Plain, lost power with Republic of Virtue
National Convention? mainly Jacobins, led by Robespierre, 3rd government of Revolution, committee of public safety, killed king and queen, Reign of Terror, Republic of Virtue, taken over by middle class
Directory? 4th government of revolution, bicameral legislature, conservative, taken over by Napoleon
Consul? 5th government of revolution, republic/dictatorship, 3 consuls, conservative, concordat of 1801
Napoleon Bonaparte? 1st consul, military leader, Napoleonic Code, French emperor, defeated at Trafalgar, Continental system, exiled to Elba
Congress of Vienna? Meeting to reshape Europe and establish balance of power with help of Metternich
Holy Alliance? Prussia, Russia, Austria
Concert of Europe? countries fighting revolutions
Legislative Assembly? 2nd government of revolution, wanted moderate change, constitutional monarchy
Estates-general? Representatives of each estate meet, makes Third Estate angry because of unequal representation
What did King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette do? ruined economy, ignored Third Estate, doubled nation's debt
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