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Enlightenment 8/24

Flashcards from the Enlightenment Section

Who discovered the Heliocentric theory? Copernicus
Who confirmed Copernicus but added elliptical orbit? Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler
Who was Joseph II? King from Austria who enforced freedom of worship, press, and abolished serfdom
Who made the first encyclopedia? Diderot
Who made the law of conservation of mass? Lavoisier
Enlightenment ideas? Reason, happiness, progress, liberty, and nature
What were the ideas of the scientific revolution? Observation and inquiry
Who studied plant cells? Robert Hooke
Who made the first microscope? Leeuwenhoek
Who studied the circulatory system? William Harvey
Who dissected criminals to study anatomy? Andreas Vesalius
Who discovered gravity? Sir Isaac Newton
Who was Catherine the Great? Queen who expanded Russia
Who came up with the geocentric theory? Ptolemy and Aristotle
Who was the father of modern chemistry? Robert Boyle
Who built the first telescope? Galileo Galilei
What is the geocentric theory? Earth is in the middle of the solar system
Where do ideas spread? West to Paris
What did Pascal do? Created the first calculator and said there is a reasonable bet God exists
What did Spinoza do? Mixed science and religion, taught pantheism, and was excommunicated
Who was Frederick II? King of Prussia, reforms education and justice, taught religious freedom, abolished torture
What is the heliocentric theory? Planets revolve around the sun
What did Galileo see? Jupiter, moons of Jupiter, craters on the moon, and sunspots
Who came up with the scientific method? Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes
Pre-enlightenment art? Baroque
Enlightenment art? Neoclassical
Created by: alexprice