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Module Six

Module Six Study Stack

Who was the head of the Roman Catholic Church? The Pope.
Who was the first ruler of imperial Rome? Augustus.
What did Rome achieve in Math? The Roman Numeral System.
What are the eight features of Civilization? Government, Religion, Public Works, Social Class Structure, Job Specialization, Writing, Cities, and Art and Architecture.
Why were Jesus's teachings not working out with Roman values? Jesus taught that you could believe in him and God, and then you would go to heaven and live an eternal life. He also taught that you should believe and love yourself.
What people were attacking the Germanic Tribes. The Huns.
What were the people in the Roman City Pompeii killed by? They were all killed by a volcano.
What was Greco- Roman Culture? Greco- Roman Culture was sort of like the classical civilization, and it turned into western civilization. It was also a good part of Philosophy.
What was the main reason that Rome controlled so much territory? The Roman army the the biggest, and the most brutal army out of all of them, and no one wanted to challenge them.
What was the best thing that Augustus did for Rome? He ushered in the Pax Romana, and got everything started..
What kind of people were your farmers/merchants? The Plebians.
Who were the rich upper class people that usually ran for government? The Patricians.
Who would have complete control over Rome for six months? Dictators.
A group of three leaders is known as? A Triumvirate.
A conflict inbetween one country is known as a. Civil War
Rome entered a 200 year time of peace, known as the. Pax Romana
What did the Roman government do to control the people of Rome? They got their collisiums, and started to have gladiator events, because then they will not be afraid of death.
How did Rome's geography affect Rome? It was in a good way because they were able to grow a lot of crops because their farm land was very good.
Why did the Roman Republic Fall? Because Julius was murdered.
Why did the Western Empire Fall? Because of Inflation, and poor leadership.
What was the twelve table? The twelve table was a written Roman law for everyone in Rome to follow.
Was control of the Baltic Sea a problem between Rome and Carthage? No, it was not.
What language did the Romans write in? They wrote in Latin.
What were some jobs that the Romans had? The Romans could be in the army, artisans, architectures, farmers and merchants.
Who was Hannibal? he was a famous Carthaginian general who led his troops into Northern Italy.
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