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APWH Q2 Geo Quiz

Study Guide for the 1st MP Geography Quiz “Hot Spots: Periodization 3”

PlaceAP Region
South China Sea South-East Asia
Yellow Sea East Asia
Yellow River East Asia
Yangzi River East Asia
Ganges River South Asia
Persian Gulf Middle East
Euphrates River Middle East
Tigris River Middle East
Chang’an East Asia
Luoyang East Asia
Guangzhou East Asia
Pondicherry South Asia
Palmyra Middle East
Antioch Middle East
Sofala East Africa
Baghdad Middle East
Persia Middle East
Arabia Middle East
Mecca Middle East
Delhi South Asia
Mogadishu East Africa
Mombasa East Africa
Zanzibar East Africa
Kilwa East Africa
Damascus Middle East
Angkor South East Asia
Rome Southern Europe
Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties East Asia
Silla, Koryo, and Yi Dynasties East Asia
Swahili Coast East Africa
Kumsong East Asia
Pyongyang East Asia
Hanseong (Seoul) East Asia
Cordoba Western Europe
Jerusalem Middle East
Bethlehem Middle East
Seville Western Europe
Naples Southern Europe
Timbuktu West Africa
Paris Western Europe
Venice Southern Europe
Anatolia Middle East
Bengal South Asia
Punjab South Asia
Ceylon South Asia
Ghana, Mali, Songhai West Africa
Tripoli North Africa
Tunis North Africa
Lisbon West Africa
Axum East Africa
Sea of Japan East Asia
South China Sea South East Asia
Strait of Malacca South East Asia
Borobudur South East Asia
Vietnam South East Asia
Niger River West Africa
Chaco Canyon North America
Cahokia North America
Cuzco South America
Andean Civilization South America
Al-Andalus West Europe
Crete South Europe
Sicily South Europe
Amazon River South Europe
Mississippi River North America
Colorado River North America
Rocky Mountains North America
Appalachian Mountains North America
Canada North America
Vietnam South East Asia
Created by: 22denney