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Ancient Rome

Control of what geographical feature helped the Romans unify their empire The Mediterranean Sea
What were the Roman written laws called? The Twelve tables
What was one of Rome's greatest achievements? A republican form of government
Did Roman women and men have equal rights? No, but women had some legal rights like owning property.
What was Rome's greatest gift to Europe? Law
What caused the fall of Rome? An unstable government and political corruption
What did the expansion of the Roman Empire lead to? Trade throughout the Mediterranean Sea with Greece, Carthage, Egypt and Britain
Why did Diocletion split the Roman Empire into two empires? Because it was to big to govern effectively.
Did the geography of the Italian peninsula help or hinder the Roman Empire? It helped Rome to control the Mediterranean region.
What is a league of 5000 or more soldiers? A Legion
Who was the author of Aeneid? Virgil
What was the name of the three wars fought between Carthage and Rome. The Punic Wars
What is a Republican form of government? A system where people vote for others to represent them
Who were the common people of Rome? The Plebians
Who were the Etruscans/ The early inhabitants of Rome
What is a census? A population count
What were the large estates during Ancient Rome called? Latifundia
What name did Augusta give himself? Exalted one
Who were the wealthy landowners in ancient Rome? Patricians
Created by: Dcrawford