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The Cold War

What happens to Germany after WWII? Divided into zones
Who agrees to allow free elections? Stalin
United Nations? International organization with 50 original members, 5 having veto power
Soviet Union after WWII? Destroyed, controlled Eastern Europe, hates the U.S. and spreads communism
East Germany? Communist
West Germany? Democratic
Iron Curtain? Churchill's name for European division during the Cold War
Containment? U.S. plan to stop spread of communism
Truman Doctrine? Plan to help countries that reject communism
Marshall Plan? U.S. program to assist Western Europe
Berlin Airlift? U.S. Britain, and France give food to their former occupation zones that are being starved out by the Soviet Union
NATO? North Atlantic Treaty Organization, military alliance between U.S., Canada, and West Europe
Warsaw Pact? Soviets and Eastern European nations
Berlin Wall? divides East and West Berlin
What causes more tension between the U.S. and Soviet Union? Soviets have first atomic bomb, both have hydrogen bombs, Soviets shoot down spy plane, and Soviets have Sputnik
What is brinkmanship? Policy of willingness to go to the edge of war
Mao Zedong? Chinese communist leader
Jiang Jeishi? Chinese nationalist leader
Chinese Civil War? Resumes after WWII between communists and nationalists, most convert to communism due to economic issues, Mao's troops take major cities
Chinese Nationalists? Move to Taiwan, form People's Republic of China, supported by the U.S.
Chinese communism? Mao takes property and gives it to the poor, but reduces his role, government takes companies, create communes, clash with Soviet Union
Red guard? Militia units formed to enforce communism in China, close schools and kill many intellectuals
Cultural Revolution? Movement to build a society of peasants and workers
Korea after Russo-Japanese war? finally free of Japan, but divided in half by the U.S. and the Soviet Union of the 38th parallel
North Korea? controlled by Soviet Union, communist government led by Kim Il- Sung
South Korea? Controlled by the U.S. and led by Syngman Rhee
Korean War? North Korea invades South Korea because the U.S. didn't give the south weapons, China joins the war, war becomes first major proxy war and first to integrate black troops
Vietnam War? France controls Vietnam, nationalists led by Ho Chi Minh who took the capitol and fought the French
Ho Chi Minh? Vietnamese communist leader who founded the Viet Minh
Geneva Accords? declared a cease-fire in Vietnam, divided into North (Minh) and South (French) Vietnam, assumed temporary
Domino Theory? Theory of communism spreading
Viet Cong? A guerrilla army supported by Minh to get rid of Diem in Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin? U.S. thinks North Vietnam attacked their navy so they send troops into Vietnam
Vietnam cease-fire? Allied troops leave Vietnam but North Vietnam then takes South Vietnam and reunifies the country as communist
Third World? Developing nations that are newly independent and nonaligned and fought over by the U.S., Soviet Union, and China
Nonaligned nations? Indonesia hosts Asian and African leaders who want neutrality
Fidel Castro? Leads revolt in Cuba, nationalizes Cuban economy, and defeats the U.S. at the Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis? U.S. demands removal of Soviet missiles in Cuba, Soviets withdraw missiles, U.S. leaves Cuba alone, Cuban economy left dependent on Soviets
Anastasio Somoza? Nicaraguan dictator supported by the U.S.
Daniel Ortega? leads Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua
Sandinistas? Supported by the U.S. until they help communists in El Salvador
Nikita Krushchev? Leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin, condemns Stalin, puts down anti-communist Hungarian protestors
Leonid Brezhnev? Soviet leader after Krushchev, represses dissent
Soviet-Chinese split? Tensions grow, both want to lead world communism, small fights across the border
John F. Kennedy? U.S. president during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Lyndon B. Johnson? President who increases U.S. involvement in Vietnam War
De'tente? Policy of reducing Cold War tensions that grows from realpolitik
Richard M. Nixon? President who uses de'tente, visits China and Soviet Union, and signs SALT I treaty
SALT I? limits the production of nuclear weapons
Ronald Reagan? Anti-communist and signs SALT II act
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