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EGYPT 1.1.1

Nefertiti wife of Akhenaton well-known for the statue of her head; name means "the beautiful one has come
Hatshepsut a bold leader led armies into battle if enemies threatened border created a time of peace and good; strong economy ruled for 22 years; had a temple built at Deir el-Bahr and obelisks as well regent for Thutmose III
Cleopatra ruled Egypt for 20 years was almost successful at ruling the entire Roman Empire co-ruled with her brother, Ptolemy VII, until, with the help of Julius Caesar, took over the throne
Akhenaton pharaoh in 1353 BC started monotheism-belief in one god
Thutmose a child who became pharaoh has a regent destroyed Hatshepsut's statues when she died one of the great pharaohs of the New Kingdom
King Tut known as boy king became king at the age of 8 or 9 brought back polytheism to Egypt best known for the discovery of his tomb in 1922 with all items untouched and his golden mask in tact
Menes/Narmer king from the 1st dynasty united Upper and Lower Egypt built the city of Memphis, Egypt’s first capital city
Ramses II ruled for over 65 years most famous of all pharaohs had the most monuments and statues built in his honor
Created by: jt31247