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old testament test

old testament test 10-20-09

the sacrificial offering prescribed by God to moses and the people was called a... holocaust
the purpose of the sacrifice was for a sweet smelling oblation to God
vestment/headpiece miter
to cleanse water
to bless or anoint oil
vestment/cloak tunic
types of animals prscribed by the law as either clean or unclean -clean-animal w/ hoofsin seas and rivers with fins and scaleslocustsgrasshopperskatydids-unclean-camelthe rock badgerthe harethe pigcreatures on the ground(ostrich)
Day of Atonement forgiveness of sins
scapegoat goat that recieved the sins of the israelites and then was sent in the desert
sacredness of blood blood is the life of any living body
deuteronomy literally means... second law
the main task of the deuteronomist is to compile the important history of Israel and " " the people of God's " " remind, steadfast love
after 40 years of roaming in the desert God gave the order to the Israelites that it was now time for them to claim their land that God had promised to " " " " " " 3 names Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Upon arriving to the Promise Land, in which they continued to " " the inhabitants, instruction were given to the people as to where each tribe was to call home. battle
many times in the desert the israelites continued to anger god by their " " ways towards him. rebelious
neither " " not " " entered into the Promise Land because both had " " faith with God. Mosses, Aaron, broke
to this day no one knows the plave of his" " burial
how was the census of th people to be taken by clans and ancestral houses, and 12 tribes of israel
what was the underlying reaon for a census to enroll young men into the military
why were the levites omitted from the census they were not going to fight/kept dwelling tradition going
explain the nazarite vow dedicate themselves to the lord
what was the source of meat that Go provided for the people with in the desert quail
why was miriam punished because he went against moses, she got leprosy
explain the significance of aarons staff it repressented gods power, aaron put his staff in meeting tent and next day it has flowers on it
who became the successor to moses joshua
how do the present day jew people celebrate the passover that we learned about in the exodus still celebratibg 3300 years ago they came from egypt
what food is eaten the jewish people roast eggs and a shankbone
what is the current passover name passover seder
define haggadah narrated story(book) told about the passover
give two main points for the jewish passover symbolizes freedom and agriculture(marks the growing season)
what is a jewish synagogue a large prayer hall
another name for circumcision, what is the age of circumcision brit milah, 8 days
define- sabbath a day of rest and worship, commonly on a saturday
torah holy text
judaism jews who practice a religion based on the torah
rosh hashana jewish new year
yom kippur day of atonement/ seeking forgiveness
fod sent these to persuade pharaoh to let the israelites go free plagues
the bread from heaven manna
the bible says that moses divided this body of water to save the people red sea
the name means i drew him out of the water moses
the means going out of exodus
a nomadic tent which was made into the dwelling place of God tabernacle
the name for God I Am
moses' assistant who served as his spokesman aaron
another name for a king or a ruler pharoah
a feast celebrated by the jews which commemorates God saving His people passover
moses recieved the 10 commandments here mt. sinai
the gold plated box which served as Gods throne ark
what relationship was abram to sarai in egypt sister
joseph sold by his brothers due to jealousy
was abram abraham
god destroyed the 2 sinful cities with fire
joseph interprets dreams
sarah first born son isaac
2 sinful cities destroyed sodom and gomorrah
numer of years of famine in egypt seven
the man god promised a great nation abram
the son jacob loved more joseph
in a dream jacob saw a stairway to heaven
nephrew of abram Lot
joseph wore this type of coat tunic
josephs brothers travel to egypt for food
was sarai sarah
married to leah and rachel jacob
lots wife urned to a piller of salt
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