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Greek Mythology 1

Greek Mythology

Who was the Greek god of gods and men? Zeus
Who was Zeus' wife? Hera
Who gave Hera the apples of Hesperides when she married Zeus? Rhea
Who was the winged messenger of the gods? Hermes
Who was the goddess of love and beauty? Aphrodite
Who did Aphrodite cheat on her husband with? Ares
Who was Aphrodite married to? Haphaestus
Which one of Zeus' lovers was a young, Trojan prince? Ganymede
What was the name of the first woman? Pandora
A society where men hold the dominant power is called a ______ society? (starts with a 'P') Patriarchal
Which Greek city-state was known for its military discipline? Sparta
The female author Sappho is remembered for her theme of __________? (starts with "H") Homosexuality
Hyacinth was killed by a discus thrown by which Greek God? Apollo
This term is the reason that Hercules underwent the twelve labors (starts with "B") Bloodguilt
This is the Greek word for city-state Polis
This is the name of the civil war between the Delian League (Athens led one side, Sparta led the other) Peloponnesian War
Who are the two main brothers of Cerberus Hydra and Chimera
Who were the two gods involved in the task of creating life on earth? Epithemeus and Prometheus
Who was the god that took on the creation of humans, and what kind of god was he? Prometheus Titan
Who is the guard of Hades Cerberus
Who created the first Women? Zeus
-Goddess of the Hearth -God of family -Virgin Goddess Hestia
Ruler of the Underworld Hades
God of sea Poseidon
-ruled over the other Titans until his son Zeus dethroned him and seized the power -swallowed his children so none of them would dethrone them Cronus
-Goddess of Agriculture Demeter
-God of Wine -Also known as Bacchus Dionysus
3 headed dog that guarded the underworld Cerberus
-below Heaven, & Earth-deep gloomy place-used as a dungion of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld Tartarus
spent 1/2 of the time with her mother and 1/2 of her time with her husband in the Underworld Persephone
-Goddess of War and Handicrafts -Protector of Athens -Goddess of Wisdom -Created the plow, rake, and olive tree Athena
half-man half-horse, were born from Ixion, they were drunken, lustful, and violent. Centaurs
troop of male half-goat, half-man companions to Dionysius Satyrs
Rhea hid Zeus from Cronus with a Satyr named? Pan
Savior of mankind-tricked other Gods-created humans-liver was eaten from an eagle as his punishment Prometheus
Zeus freed the ProtoGenos from where? Tartarus
According to Greek Mythology why did the seasons change? Demeter's mood would change everytime Persephone was with Hades.
According to Greek mythology how were humans created? Athena Breathed life into them and taught Prometheus how to make humans out of clay
What were the political rights of women? Women didn't really have a say in anything. When women had to get married it included a dowry. Women were also excluded from being citizens of democratic Athens.
boys were obliged to leave age of 7 to join groups under the supervision of a hierarchy of officers.Girls not educated to read and write at home. If a girl passed her skills and fitness test, she would be assigned a husband and go home. Education of Athenian boys and girls
When travelers came to a Greek house you would give them food, shelter, ask their story, and send them away with gifts. As a guest you were expected to behave properly in their home and the gods would travel on Earth in disguise to test people. Hospitality
1st-gods and goddesses 2nd-family 3rd-king Loyalty
Greeks believed that your fate controlled people's lives. At birth your fate was chosen for you and you wouldn't be able to changed it. Fate
Hubris-an arrogant pride Ate-a stupid mistake that somehow challenges the gods Nemesis-retribution or punishment Hubris Ate Nemesis
Greek people believed that when you do a crime you do you need a punishment to fit the crime. They also believed that the punishments were given after death. justice
believed that body was not buried the right way,the spirit would not enter the underworld. Instead ghost and stay on earth until buried right. put a coin under the corpse's tongue to pay Charon took the ferry across the River Styx.whole body must be cover burial customs
The story of Baucis and Philemon show how to be a good Greek person Baucis and Philemon
three fates. Clotho- spun the thread of life from her distaff onto a spindle Lachesis-drawer of lots, measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod Atropos-cutter of the thread, chose the manner of each person's death Clotho, Lachesis, and Aropos
Queen Philana, prayed to the three Fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos for the continuing health of her twin boys after their birth. one boy will live and one boy will die Thaleus and Reagos
Priestess turned into a cow by Hera Io
Went for a bull ride and came back pregnant Europa
divine hero Tried to impress Apollo and was struck by discus when it was falling and died. Zephyrus, the God of wind, was blamed for his death. Hyacinth
His beauty was so great, that all the girls who saw him longed to be his, but he would have none of them. He was in love with himself. Narcissus
What was the first species of gods called? Protogenos
What was before the gods? Chaos
What was the Greek name for Cupid Eros
Who was the Greek goddess of the wilderness? Artemis
Who was Aphrodite's husband and Hera and Zeus' child? Hephaestus
Name one of Zeus's lovers. Ganymede
Who was born out of the thigh of Zeus? Dionysus
Who was the sculptor that was obsessed with his statue (Galatea)? Pygmalion
Between which two Greek city-states was the Peloponnesian War fought? Athens and Sparta
Zeus enlisted the ProtoGenos help in a war against the Cronus and the Titans, how long did that last? 10 years
This is the name of a choral hymn in ancient Greek theater, especially one dedicated to Dionysus Dithyramb
Who is god of war? Ares
Who is goddess of love? Aphrodite
Who is the god of gods and men? Zeus
Who is the goddess of love and beauty? Aphrodite
Zeus's dad Cronus
One-eyed Titan Cyclops
Goddess of agriculture Demeter
Persephone's mom Demeter
God of wine and theater Dionysus
Had an affair with Aphrodite Ares
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