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Yair gonzalez

Key terms and names

What is black death? A plague that killed one third of the population in midieval europe
What is a pharaoh The person with the most power in ancient europe
Tyrant A person who takes power by force
Democracy A system of goverment that favores the people
Vikings People who fought the romans and conquered a lot of europe. They were from germany
Oddyssey a book that features oddysseus
iliad An epic book the homer wrote that tell the battle of troy and achiles as the heroe
Hieroglyphics the "language" that people in ancient egypt wrote they consist of drawings
Persia A group of people who fought athena and sparta and is located in modern day turkey.
Hierarchy A social class that has the king at the top
Monarchy A class that has the monarch in the top and slaves in the bottom
Delta A river that is shaped like a V
jerusalem The capital of israel and many jews honor that place
Inflation The rise of prices
feudalism It has the king in the top and lesser lords as the second most powerful
Sparta In ancient greece a very powerful city that mainly focused on its aarmy and trained kids since they were young.
Nile river The most important river in ancient egypt
tithe When the church takes some earnings from the people. (used in the midieval times)
Bishop The second most powerful person in the church
republic A system of goverment were representatives have a major importance
Created by: gonzalezy