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World History Vocab

Republic Government of elected officials that represent the public.
Engineering Using science and math to create new structures and machines.
Pax Romana 200 year period of peace and prosperity in Rome.
Troy City-state in present-day Turkey that fought the Greeks in the Trojan War.
Assimilate To be absorbed into another culture.
Monarchy Government where a king or a queen is the ruling figure.
Democracy Government by the people.
Legislature Law-making body of government
Tyrant A ruler who gained power by military force.
Persia Middle eastern empire that continually tried to conquer Greece and other lands.
Logic Rational thinking.
Comedy Type of Greek drama that mocked people and customs.
Iliad Homer's work that told the story of the Trojan War and Achilles
Alexander Son of King Philip II of Macedonia, conquered his way to ruling a huge empire.
Silt Nutrient, rich soil
Pharaoh King-like official, served as a god to Egyptians in ancient Egypt.
Delta A triangular formation of rivers (Nile _____)
Hieroglyphics A series of symbols and images that was used as the written language in ancient Egypt.
Decipher Figure out/decode (Like when reading hieroglyphics)
Nile River The river that goes the Egypt and was thought to carry souls to the after-life.
Hierarchy A rank system used in Egypt: Pharaoh, High Priests/Priestesses, Nobles, Merchants/Scribes/Artisans, Peasant Farmers/Slaves.
Polytheistic A religion based off of multiple gods. (Egypt had this type of religion)
Odyssey The story written by Homer about the hero Odysseus and how he traveled back over the course of 10 years after the Trojan war and defeated fleets of monsters along the way..
Alliance A union created with benefit for all of its members, typically between countries or organizations.
Sparta A Greek city-state that had a strong emphasis on battle, training young boys from age 7 to fight and young girls to raise their boys. The citizens of this state were not interested in the arts and were very serious.
Rhetoric The art of persuasive writing or speaking.
Plato Student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. He believed that people's lives should be controlled by the government.
Socrates Teacher of Plato. He spoke with people just to hear opinions.
Bishop A senior member in the Christian clergy who is usually in charge of the diocese and is empowered to bestow/veto holy orders.
Inflation When prices go up and/or the value of a currency goes down.
Clovis King of the Franks in 486. Conquered Gaul then converted to the religion of Gaul, Christianity.
Charlemagne "Charles the Great", King of the Franks near 800; Pope Leo III had him help break up rebellions in Rome then named him the emperor of Rome.
Vikings Sailed along Europe, trading and raiding. (Like pirates)
Feudalism An old-fashioned hierarchy-like system with lords, lesser lords,, vassals, and serfs. It was brought along in order for the citizens to feel protected.
Manor The highest lord's fief in the feudal system and the capital of the of the economy.
Tithe An offering or tax given to the Church or Clergy.
Norman Conquest of 1066 William of Normandy's brother took over England so William went to France for help and took back England by defeating Anglo-Saxons at Hastings.
Crusades In the 11th - 13th centuries; a military expedition made by Europeans in order to recover the “Holy Land” from the Muslims.
Jerusalem The town where Jesus was forced to carry his cross to the place of his death.
Black Death This was the act of the bubonic plague reaching across Europe and into Asia and North Africa in the year 1348.
Pope Innocent III A pope that was very narcissistic and believed popes were better than everyone except God. This pope excluded people from Christianity or executed them if they went against him or the Church.
Saladin The Sultan of Egypt from the years 1174-1193.
Liberal arts A list of basic things that were and are learned in schools such as math, language, history, etc.
Magna Carta John (some king) signs a paper saying that kings and queens also have to follow the laws of the land.
Vernacular The everyday languages of ordinary people.
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