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Human Geo. Ch.6

AP Human Geography Chapter 6

what are the 3 types of religion universalizing, ethnic, traditional/tribal
a religion that attempts to be ___________ , to appeal to ______________ wherever they may live in the world, not just to those of one culture or location global; all people
what are 3 universalizing religion Christianity, Buddhism, Islam
universalizing religions are divided in to __________, _____________ or ____________ branches, denominations, or sects
universalizing religions are ________________ throughout the world widely distributed
a religion with a relatively concentrated spatial distribution whose principles are likely to be based on the physical characteristics of the particular location in which its adherents are concentrated ethnic religion
where are ethnic religions mostly distributed middle east, India, and Asia
ethnic religions that are practiced by small, local cultural groups, typically blended religions that combine belief system of the ethnic group, tribe, or village with animism and possibly a forced religion traditional (tribal) religion
belief everything has a spirit animism
_____________ has many tribal religions being practiced, most show syncretism Indonesia
Christianity origin: founded upon the teachings of ____________________ Jesus Christ
what is the belief of Christianity Jesus died on a cross in Jerusalem to atone for the sins of mankind, raised from the dead by God
what are the 3 denominations/ branches of Christianity Roman Catholic, Christian (Eastern) Orthodox, Protestant
what is the holy book of Chrsitianity Bible
why is there no no architectural style of churches many denominations
how do Christians dispose of the dead bury in a cemetery
what branch of Christianity is a hierarchical religion Roman Catholic Church
missionaries carried the teachings of Jesus to different places relocation diffusion
spread widely through the Roman Empire contagious diffusion
the empire's elite accepted Christianity in the 4th century, including Emperor Constantine; later kings and queens of Europe would enforce Christianity as the state religion hierarchical diffusion
what kind of religion is Islam universalizing
is Islam monotheistic or polytheistic monotheistic
what were the branches of Islam formed from disagreement in succession
what are the beliefs of Islam 5 pillars
what does Islam believe Jihad is a religious struggle-some suggest that Muslims should engage in holy war others believe it is an internal strugle
how is Islam primarily diffused conquest
what 3 regions did the Islamic army take over Africa, Asia, Europe
when Islam took over what did they often convert Christian buildings into mosques
when the Islamic armies took over Christian buildings and turned them into Mosques, what is this an example of sequent occupancy
where do most sects of Islam come from disagreement of who should be the leader after the death of Muhammad
what kind of Muslims make up 83% of world's muslims Sunni
what kind of Muslims are mostly in Iran, large groups in Pakistan and Iraq and are much stricter in their interpretation Shia (Shiite)
what is the holy book of Islam and what language is it written in Quaran and written in Arabic
what is the holy site of Islam Mecca
how many inhabitants does Mecca have 1.3 million
what is in Mecca that is also holy Ka'ba
cube structure encased in silk at the Great Mosque and contains the black stone given to Abraham by Gabriel as a sign of the covenant with Ishmael and the Muslim people Ka'ba
what Islamic holy site also has 1.3 million inhabitants and contains Muhammad's tomb Medina
what Islamic holy site is where Muslims believe that Muhammed was taken into heaven by Allah Jerusalem
where do Muslims worship mosque
what makes most mosque look similar to one another minarets- balconies to call people to prayer
moral code and religious law of Islam Shria Law
why are there different interpretations Shria Law the way it is enforced
Islam is the _______________ growing religion in the world fastest
how does Islam get rid of dead bodies burial- cremation is forbidden
what does Buddha mean awakened or enlightened one
what do Buddhist believe in Four Noble Truths
what are the 4 Noble Truths -all living beings must endure suffering -suffering leads to reincarnation -goal of existence is to reach Nirvana -Nirvana is attained through the 8 fold path
Asoka, emperor of he Magadan Empire around 250 hierarchical diffusion of Buddhism
merchants spread to China relocation diffusion of Buddhism
holy book of Buddhism Tipitaka
how many branches/ sects does Buddhism have 3
what are the 3 branches/sects of Buddhism mahayana, theravada, tanrayana
location where the relics of great Buddhist teachers are housed stupas
what shape are stupas mound like
place of worship that is intricately decorated temple
prominent and visually attractive element of the Buddhist landscape found in Southeast Asia pagodas
what is the Buddhist holy site where Buddha attained enlightenment called Bodh Gaya
where did Buddhism begin India
where is Buddhism most commonly practiced East Asian Countries
Buddhism________require you to stop your own religion if you want to follow Buddhism does not
life's natural law Dharma
who does Judaism come from Abraham
what was the name of the son that God promised Abraham and Sarah would have Isaac
is Judaism monotheistic or polytheistic monotheistic
Judaism is the 1st _______________________ religion recorded montheistic
Jews believe they are the ___________________ because God selected them to live according to God's ethical and moral principles (The Ten Commandments) "chosen people"
unlike most ethnic religions, Judaism is practiced in ________________, not just its place of origin many countries
the Romans forced the Jews to dispersed after they unsuccessfully rebelled against the Roman Empire, migrated to Europe Diaspora
WWII- 6 million Jews die as a result of _________________; survivors of the Holocaust would migrate to _________________ Nazi rule; Israel
100 years ago 90% of world's Jews live in ____________________ now _______________ of world's Jews live in Europe Europe; 15%
what did Judaism spread because of forced migration
holy book of Judaism Torah (first 5 books of Old Testament)
rock of Abraham's sacrifice; Solomon's Temple, The Western Wall Jerusalem
where do Jews worship synagogues
where are there large populations of Jews Israel and Northeast United States
why is Judaism scattered throughout the world forced relocation
how many laws are in the Torah 613
what kind of religion is Hinduism and is it mono or polytheistic ethnic; polytheistic
what is the origin of Hinduism existed prior to recorded history; cant find a trace back to specific founder
belief of Hinduism: up to the __________________ to decide the best way to worship god individual
what are the 4 paths to knowing god in Hinduism path of knowledge, path of renunciation, path of devotion, path of action
you can pursue your own path, follow your own convictions, as long as you are in harmony with _____________ nature
as an ethnic religion, Hindu does not demand that followers _____________________ spread their faith
Hinduism is concentrated in one specific area and _______________________ has not diffused
no real theological ____________; Hindu's can have an allegiance to a _____________ divisions; particular god
worships the god Vishnu (a loving god incarnated as Krishna); makes up 70% Vaishnavism
dedicated to Siva ( a protective and destructive god) about 26% Sivaism
form of worship dedicated to the female consorts of Vishnu and Siva Shaktism
the theme of spiritual oneness between the one ultimate ______________, known as Brahma, and the soul, or atman, is mandated reality
in accordance, everything in the world is an _________________, merely a part of Brahma, praised as Creator illusion
is there an holy book of Buddhism no one official book
Hinduism's sacred texts vedas
Hinduism's holy sites are closely tied to ___________________ of India physical geography
Hindu holy site: receive purification by bathing in holy rivers; holiest river because it springs from the hair of Siva Ganges River
Hindu holy site: source of the Ganges in the Himalayas, holy because Siva lives there Mount Kailas
Hindu religious functions take place at ________________ home
____________________ are built for particular gods shrines
temples are built to house shrines for gods but not for _______________ congregational worship
what is the 3rd largest religion in the world Hinduism
where are 97% of all Hindus found and where can the remaining 3% be found India; Nepal
a social hierarchy which divides people into different social classes caste system
outcasts, they are not part of the Hindu caste system untouchables
who was Confucius philosopher and teacher whose sayings were recorded by his students- origin of Confucianism
what was the belief of Confucianism correct behavior was most important
what are the ethical principles to be followed according to Confucianism 1-following traditions 2-fulfilling obligation 3-treating others with sympathy and respect
where is Confucianism practiced China
what is the origin of Daoism Lao-Zi's writings
belief of Daoism: emphasized mystical and magical aspects of life rather than the ________________ importance of public service
what does "dao" mean path
belief of Daoism: only by ______________________ of daily activities, and _____________________ can one achieve harmony with the principles of the universe avoidance; introspections
sects of Daoism: split into many, some embracing elements of __________________ magic
where is Daoism practiced illegally in China and legally in Taiwan
what is the origin of Shintoism ancient Japan
how was Shintoism passed down orally-no written text until 5th AD
main belief of Shintoism: forces of _____________ are divine nature
belief of Shintoism: eventually deceased ________________ and ______________________ became more significant than forces of nature emperors;ancestors
Shintoism: after losing WWII Emperor Hirohito renounced his _________________ divinity
today Shintoism is no longer official state religion but still _______________ in Japan thrives
holy sites of Shintosim 80,000 shrines housing deities
Jewish claims that Israel is their rightful land Zionism
location of traditional or tribal religions Africa
belief of traditional or tribal religions inanimate objects such as plants and stones have spirits and conscious life
little is known about tribal African religions because there are very few _____________, religious practices are mostly passed down through _______________________ texts; word of mouth and tradition
why is animism and tribal religions declining in Africa globalization and diffusion
shamanism: holds a particular ____________, the shaman, as the one with special _______________________ person; healing or magical powers
secular means that something is _____________ not religious
secularism: rejection of all ______________ religious beliefs
secularism: spreading rapidly in certain areas of the world such as ___________________ Europe
believes there is something agnostic
belief there is no God atheist
what could explain the trend towards secularism religion was created to explain things we couldn't understand but now that we have technology we can understand and explain more things
government policies can be seen as promoting social change that conflicts with traditional religious values religion vs government
what are some examples of religion vs government in the United States -legalizing gay marriage -abortion -taking Jesus out of public schools
affected Muslims in the attempts of government to ______________ the economies several Islamic countries modernize
what are the 4 types of religious conflict religion vs government; religion vs communism; religion vs social change; religion vs religion
Czar made ________________ an official religion of Russia Orthodox Church
________________ pursued anti-religious policies communist
what did the Vietnam War destroy Buddhist shrines
communist governments ___________________ religious activites discourage
LCDs can be exposed to values and beliefs originating in MDCs due to _______________ globalization
banning of "western" things television and movies
________________________ of non-Islamic activities or religious sites elimination
Hinduism vs Social Equality caste system
due to the resurgence of fundamentalism caused __________ religious wars
strict adherence of religion fundamentalism
__________________ North Ireland vs ________________ Republic of Ireland Protestant; Catholic
____________ vs _______________ in Israel/Palestine Jew; Muslims
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