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Ch 6 AP H GEO test

What are the three types of religion? Universalizing, Ethnic, and Traditional or Tribal
a religion that attempts to be global, to appeal to all people wherever they may live in the world, not just to those of one culture or location Universalizing religion
What are three universalizing religions? Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
What are universalizing religions divided into? branches, denominations, or sects
a religion with a relatively concentrated spatial distribution whose principles are likely to be based on the physical characteristics of the particular location in which its adherents are concentrated Ethnic religion
What are 5 ethnic religions? Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism
Where are ethnic religions mostly distributed? Middle East, India, and Asia
ethnic religions that are practiced by small, local cultural groups, typically blended religions that combine belief system of the ethnic group, tribe, or village with animism and possibly a forced religion Traditional (Tribal) religion
Where did Jesus die on the cross? Jerusalem
What are the denominations/ branches of Christianity? Roman Catholic, Christian (Easter) Orthodox, and Protestant
Is there an architectural style that is dominant in Christianity? No
What is the hierarchical religion of Christianity? Roman Catholic Church
What are the hierarchical levels of the Roman Catholic Church? Pope-Archbishops-Bishops-Priests
How did Christianity diffuse? Relocation diffusion (missionaries), contagious diffusion (through the Roman Empire), and hierarchical diffusion (kings and queens in Europe from Emperor Constantine)
Is Islam monotheistic or polytheistic? monotheistic
What was Islam's origin? Abraham had Ishmael with Hagar, banished and ended up in Mecca (present day Saudi Arabia)
Muhammad went through a revelation. Who went to Muhammad? angel Gabriel
How were the branches of Islam formed? disagreement in succession
Which religion has the 5 pillars? Islam
Who is the messenger for God in Islam? Muhammad
How many times does Islam pray daily? 5
religious struggle in Islam Jihad
How did Islam primarily diffuse? through conquest
Where did Islam armies take over? over regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe
What did Islam change Christian buildings to when they took over them? What is this an example of? Mosques; sequent occupancy
What are the two sects of Islam? Sunm and Shia
Which Islamic sect is strict? Shia
What is the Islam holy book that is written in Arabic? the Quaran (Koran)
What are the Islam holy sites? Mecca, Ka'ba, Medina, and Jerusalem
cube structure encased in silk at the Great Mosque that contains a black stone given to Abraham by Gabriel as a sign of the covenant with Ishmael and the Muslim people Ka'ba
What is in Medina that is important to the Islam religion? Jerusalem? Medina-Muhammad's tomb is located in the world's second-largest mosque here; Jerusalem-believed by Muslims that Muhammad was taken into heaven by Allah from the Furthest Mosque in Jerusalem and brought to the Sacred Mosque in Mecca
moral code and religious law of Islam Sharia Law
What is the fastest growing religion in the world? Islam
How do Buddhists attain Nirvana? the 8 fold path
What are the 4 noble truths in Buddhism? All living beings must endure suffering, Suffering leads to reincarnation, The goal of all existence is to escape from suffering and the endless cycle of reincarnation into Nirvana, and Nirvana is attained through an Eightfold path
a state of complete redemption; Buddhist achieve this through mental and moral self-purification Nirvana
How did Buddhism diffuse? Hierarchical diffusion (emperor Asoka of Magadhan Empire converted and spread)
What are the branches/ sects of Buddhism? Mahayana, Theravada, and Tantrayana
What is the holy book of buddhism? Tipitaka and many of the Buddha's sermons
What are the Buddhist places of worship? Stupas, Temples (SE Asia), and Pagoda (E Asia)
What is the holy site of Buddhism where Buddha attained enlightenment? Bodh Gaya
Where did Buddhism begin? India
Where is Buddhism most commonly practiced? East Asian countries-China, Taiwan, and Korea
How did Judaism originate? Judaism comes from Abraham. God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, they had Isaac
What was the first monotheistic religion? Judaism
Where did Judaism originate? Israel
the Romans forced the Jews to dispersed after they successfully rebelled against the Roman Empire, migrated to Europe- What is this called? Diaspora
How is Judaism not like many other ethnic religions? It is practiced in many countries.
How did Judaism diffuse? WWII (forced relocation)
What is the holy book of Judaism? the Torah (First 5 books of the Old Testament of the Bible)
What is the Holy place of Judaism? Jerusalem (western wall)
What is the place of worship for Judaism? Synagogue
Jewish claim that Israel is their rightful land. What is this called? Zionism
Where are there large populations of Jews? Israel and NE US
Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic? polytheistic
What was the origin of Hinduism? existed prior to recorded history; there is not a way to trace Hinduism back to a specific founder
You can pursue your own path in Hinduism as long as you are in harmony with what? nature
What are the holy sites of Hinduism? Ganges River and Mt. Kailas(Siva is believed to live here)
What are the places of worship for Hinduism? at home; shrines are made
What is the 3rd largest religion in the world? HInduism
Where are Hindus concentrated? India and Nepal
a social hierarchy which divides people into different social classes Caste (class) system
outcastes, they are not a part of the caste system untouchables
How did Confucianism originate? Confucius, philosopher and teacher, sayings recorded by students
What is the belief of Confucianism Correct behavior was most important
What are the ethical principles to be followed in Confucianism? following traditions, fulfilling obligations, and treating other with sympathy and respect
Where is Confucianism located? China
How did Taoism/ Daoism originate? Lao-Zi's writings
What is the belief of Taoism? that life is beautiful so just enjoy it
Where is Taoism illegal? Legal? Illegal in China; Legal in Taiwan
How did Shintoism originate? originated in Japan and was passed down orally
What are the beliefs of Shintoism? forces of nature are divine
What are the holy sites of Shintoism? 80,000 shrines housing deities
Where are traditional/ tribal religions? Africa
What do traditional/ tribal religions believe? inanimate objects such as plants and stones have spirits and conscious life or animism
How are traditional/ tribal religions passed down? through word of mouth and tradition
What religions is Shamanism common in? Tribal/ Traditional Religions
What is the belief of Shamanism? The shaman is the one particular person with special healing or magic powers
What does Secular mean? something is NOT religious
when people don't know if there is a higher power agnostic
when people know there is no higher power atheist
government policies can be seen as promoting social change that conflicts with traditional religious values religion vs. government
How did religion vs. government affect Muslims? The government tried to modernize the economies several Islamic countries
How were the Buddhists affected during the Vietnam War? many Buddhist shrines were destroyed
What do Communist governments discourage? religious activities
What did the Taliban ban and eliminate? "western" things and non-Islamic activities or religious sites
strict adherence of religion fundamentalism
What two religions were fighting in Ireland? Protestant North Ireland and Catholic Republic of Ireland
What two religions were fighting in Israel/ Palestine? Jews and Muslims
Created by: colorguard101
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