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Middle Ages

Bubonic Plague Plague that killed 30% of Europeans spread by rats and fleas
Castle fortress where kings and queens live
Charlemagne Created the Holy Roman Empire
Crusades Holy wars where Christians fought Muslims for Jerusalem
Effects of the Plague Job openings Trade declines Food shortage
Beliefs of the Catholic Church Monotheistic Followed Jesus Believed in God
Feudalism exchanging land for loyalty
Feudalism Hierarchy 1) Kings 2) Nobles or Lords 3) Knights 4) Peasants & Serfs
Fleas Would bite the infected rats and spread the disease to humans
Holy Roman Empire Empire created by Charlemagne
Islam Monotheistic Follows teachings of Muhammad Believes in Allah
King John King forced to sign the Magna Carta
Knight Warriors trained to fight on horseback. Protected lords and Serfs
Lord Collected taxes, maintained order, enforced laws, pledged loyalty and taxes to the king
Magna Carta Document to limit the kings power
Manor system System used to farm the land and give jobs to everyone
Monarch One ruler who inherits power. Governed all people and gave land to lords
Monk Men who serve God
Nun Women dedicated to serving God
Pope The head of the Catholic Church. Made decisions about government and religion
Priest Men who have higher leadership status in the church
Serf landless workers who farmed for the lord
Vikings Traders and Raiders from Scandinavia
Created by: MrsFanning