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WH Wynn U14 Review B

Which countries occupied Germany after World War II? Britain, France, the USA and USSR
What US plan gave millions of dollars in aid to Europe after World War II? The Marshall Plan
What benefits did the Marshall Plan give to post-war European nations trying to rebuild? -grants that didn’t have to be repaid -money for supplies to rebuild -money given to help key industries
The Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine both were set up to.. Stop the spread of communism
The Truman Doctrine and NATO were there to provide… economic & military support and stop Communism
During the 1980s, the US and USSR both reduced… Their number of nuclear weapons
On what 2 things was mutual assured destruction based on? Nuclear weapons and the theory of deterrence
What 2 groups are fighting for control over the geographic region of Israel? Palestinians and Jews
Tensions between what 2 groups led to the partition of India? Muslims and Hindus
Many new African countries renamed their nations to reflect their.. Traditional cultures
What was the result of the student protests in Tiananmen Square in China? Hundreds of protesters were arrested, killed, & wounded.
Who led the movement to abolish apartheid in South Africa? Nelson Mandela
The Cold War developed because of… Conflicting governments between the US and USSR
The US supporting the Greeks in their fight against communism is a good example of the policy of… Containment
The US economy is different from the former USSR’s economy because the US economy has more… Freedom
Why was Mao Zedong able to make China communist? He got support from the peasants because he promised them land.
Why did the UN intervene in North Korea? North Korea had invaded South Korea
Why did Korea stay divided after the Korean War? A ceasefire was negotiated but not a peace treaty.
Why did the Vietnamese fight the French in Indochina after World War II? The Viet Minh wanted their independence.
How did the US get involved in Vietnam? The US first sent aid and military advisors to South Vietnam. Once US ship was torpedoed, they sent in troops.
Why did US leaders withdraw troops from Vietnam? The US realized they could not win this war.
What was the situation in the Soviet Union like during the 1970s and 1980s? Very little political freedom; stagnant economy
How are glasnost and perestroika different? Glasnost: greater freedom of expression; perestroika: reformed gov’t & economy
Governments in Eastern Europe introduced reforms because of… Glasnost
Why did the British partition of India cause a refugee crisis? Muslims & Hindus left areas where they were the minority.
Why did Bangladesh and Pakistan separate? Ethnic and political tensions divided East and West Pakistan.
What were nonaligned nations? Smaller, independent nations that did not take sides in the Cold War.
Why were many African nations able to gain independence peacefully after World War II? The war had deleted much of Europe’s resources & they were less willing to fight back.
How did the paths to independence compare between Ghana and Algeria? Algeria got independence through an armed struggle. Ghana gained independence peacefully.
What made it difficult for new nations in Africa to build democratic governments? Ethnic divisions created by old colonial boundaries caused distrust & unrest.
How did the Islamic Revolution start in Iran? Islamic activists overthrew the Shah.
Why has it been difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians? They both claim Jerusalem as their capital.
What is the one thing that has caused conflict to increase in the Middle East? The growth of Islamic fundamentalism.
Which 2 groups continued to fight each other in Iraq even after Saddam Hussein was overthrown? Shiites & Sunnis
his person helped Kenya gain independence from Britain using non-violent tactics; also became Kenya’s first president. Jomo Kenyatta
A nation that is stronger than other powerful nations is called a… Superpower
This was the mutual-defense alliance between the US, Canada, and several other western European nations. NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
This was the mutual-defense alliance between the USSR and 7 satellite nations in eastern Europe. Warsaw Pact
This term describes the relaxation of Cold War tensions during the 1970s. detente
This was the line of latitude used as the dividing line between North and South Korea. 38th parallel
This is the term for the thin band of territory across the Korean peninsula dividing North and South Korea. Demilitarized zone
This theory says that if the communists won in, then other nations would become communist, too. Domino theory
A division into pieces is called a… partition
This person helped Ghana gain independence from Britain peacefully. Kwame Nkrumah
This person was a Shiite Muslim cleric who led the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. Ruhollah Khomeini
This was the name for the Palestinian Arab uprising against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Intifada
Term for the area where Iraqi aircraft were not allowed to fly after the 1991 war. No-fly zone
This is another term for nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. Weapons of mass destruction
This is another name for a rebel. insurgent
Created by: Ms.Wynn