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Religion study

exam 2

What is the life cycle rituals for birth? Circumcision naming ceremony
when does the naming ceremony happen? boys are after the circumcision girls is at the next sabbath
what is the life cycle rituals for puberty? readings from the tomah and making sure that they know what they are getting into. big party
what is the life cycle ritual for reproduction? marriage
Marraige calling down God to be there
Can you get a divorce? yes, -the husband will go to the rabbi and explain what is going on -rabbi will write it on a piece of paper -the wife will take off all jewerly that is around her hands and put her palms up in the air -the husband will hold the paper over his wive
what is the life cycle ritual for dealth? sitting shira formal visit for 7 days the next 30 year
what is a formal visit for 7 days(dealth)? dont worry about anything that is going on in the world around you deal with the lost of the person or people that have died famiy and friends can come sit with you during this time
the 30 days after the dealth the person or people do not need to attended social events, dinners, and do not have to go to the synagogue
How does a male conversion into this religion? telling the rabbi that he knows what he is getting into circumcision bath all in white all people can go
how does a women conversion into this religion? telling the rabbi that she knows what she is getting into bath only women can be there
Polytheism belief in multi gods
Romans they would go into towns and see what gods and goddness worked and take them back with them -rule that the romans had was that there could not be anyother rnew religions
Hellenistic philosophy -plato -spirit and matter
Contemplation deep thinking is the highest form of life -you would be understanding what makes something that thing -you go past the physical understanding and be forcing on the nonphysical
Ethic different between Jews and Christians jews: the law, ight and wrong did not apply to everyone Christians: only was right and wrong this applied to everyone
Jewish -they could change interest to people -
collection of sayings -list if things that say that Jesus said -damaged -meaning is unclear
gospels Matthew Mark Luke John
Mark -eaisest out of the four -opens with john the baptism -jesus get baptism and goes into the desert for 40 days to fight satan -jesus could do healings with words -Let them pick gains on the sabbath sabbath was for man and not man for sabbath
12 Disciplies followers people that know him more
Luke greek and roman -signs about jesus birth -plays up who Jesus was -trying to say that Jesus was not guilty
Matthew jewish story about the herod
story about Heord -heard about the king of the Jews was going to be born -orded to kill all male Jewish children -Mary and joseph lefted
John Longest and the hardest read -saver -son of God
Acts of the apostles -believe to be written by the same author as john
Paul interpretation -this is going to win out -christian movement -faith is Jesus -kingdom of God -spirit of God
What was Paul's real name? Saul of Tarus
Why did he change his name? because he had a vision of seeing jesus risen being of a new life changed his name in hopes people willnt know who he was
Lord supper bread and wine
Maricon -let women do things outside the home -old testment was gone -new book called antitheses -these ideas pop up in todays culture
The Gnostics school of thought that can be found in any relgion
what were the two main focuses in the Gnostics? good and evil
Gospel of Thomas thought that it happened when Jesus was still alive
What made Pauls vision more successful? made an organization no secert group behind of church organization levels
Deacon leader of the local church
Priest father for the christian community
Bishop supervisor of diocese
archbisop high bishop
What is a patriarchs when 5 dioceses come together and talked
Saint are people that are died when they were living they showed good behavior and the right way to be a christian
Roman Empire would kill or put christians into jails because a new religion was against the law
Constatine helped redirected roman ideas about the religion and helped the Christians
Worship got moved to sunday because that when the other religions were having their worships
what things do they do during worship? Prayer, songs, creeds,scriptures
what is eucharist? done every week bread and wine
what else is the eucharist called? mass liturgy lord's supper communion holy communion
what are the 7 sacraments communion baptism last rites marriage confirmation holy order reconciliation
Communion spirit events with the bread and wine
baptism death of your old life to your new
last rite gone to super sick people or people on their death bed
marriage the union of 2 people
confirmation age of reason then you go through confirmation this is make so you know what you are getting yourself thought
holy order became a priest
Reconciliation/Penance prayer before God you go the priest and seek gods forgives in within this God in the only that can forgive you
what are the 2 that are the most common today? Communion Baptism
Advent 4 Sundays before Christmas
Christmas to remember people that they are half way into the winter Birth of Jesus to remember people that he was a real baby
Epiphany 12 days after christmas the 3 kings Baptism
Julian 11 more days in this cal
Lent looking back to see what you need to change prepare for easter and the coming year
MardiGras Fat Tuesday
Easter Death and rising of Jesus Gods forgives over sin Good over Evil On Sunday
Pentecost ties into Christian scriptures 50 days after easter
IHS Jesus the first 3 letters Greek
INRI Jesus king of the Jews
Ichthus -fish -early days of christianity -a secert way to see if you were Christian -one would draw the first half and if the other people was Christians and they would draw the other half
Council of Nicea -325ec -nicea creed: Apostles creed made harder, what is relationship between Jesus and God
The schism of 1054 was the break of communion between what are now the Cathoic church and Eastern Orthodox, which had lasted until the 11th century
Eastern/Greek Orthodox 15 to 16 different church organaztions no connection between them
do eastern orthodox believe that there is sin in the world itself? no
option about mystery? (eastern) that there are things that we can not explain
Roman Cathic Church characteristic element? pope, saints,Mary
Pope Father if the church and all people of the world
Mary supervenerate
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