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1920s Posttest Study

1920s Posttest Study Guide

President Warren Harding's secretary of interior was convicted and jailed for his participation in the? Teapot Dome Scandal
Marcus Garvey was a leader in the following movement? Black Nationalism
Which is a reason consumers bought more ma factored products in the 1920's? More Americans had electricity in their homes so they could use new electric appliances
Which person was a jazz musician and singer? Edward "Duke" Ellington
One effect of the Red Scare was? the trial and execution of Nicola Sacco and Batrolomeo Vanetti
Which quote is attributed to Calvin Coolidge? "The business of America is business."
Which of the following people wrote poems, plays, and novels about African American life? Langston Hughes
Which amendment repealed (took away) prohibition (of alcohol)? twenty-first
What methods did Henry Ford's competitors use to attract customers? offering cars in color with more power
What are some reasons women had more opportunities in the 1920's? more educational and work opportunities
Created by: hayeshornets