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Industrial Rev

People and Vocab

Agrarian Revolution Improvements in farming and a cause of the IR
enclosure Consolidating small farms into large enclosed farms
factories The place where workers and machines are brought together for production
laissez faire no gov't interference in the economy
Adam Smith Founder of laissez faire economics
Supply and Demand The basis for laissez faire economics
Thomas Malthus Supported laissez faire economics, he believed the poor should have fewer children to ease population growth and food shortages
Social Darwinism Developed the theory of natural selection
Robert Owen Set up a Utopian Socialist factory in Scotland
Socialism A believed centered around the needs of the group or society as a whole rather than the interests of the individual
Karl Marx Wrote the Communist Manifesto and was the Co- founder of Socialism/Communism
Suffrage the right to vote
Cottage Industry how goods were made before the IR
textiles clothing industry
steam engine spurred a revolution in transportation
Spinning Jenny invention that helped mass produce cloth
Britain where the IR began
Population explosion caused by the Agrarian Revolution
Created by: drichardson19