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Decline of Rome

Study guide

Germanic tribe The main invaders of the Roman empire, led to the fall of the Western Empire
Diocletian The Emperor who is responsible splitting the Roman Empire into East and West
Constantine Moved the Capital of Rome to Constantinople, united Rome under Christianity
Middle Ages Period of time after the western empire fell where all trade and commerce disappeared in Europe and civilization moved backwards.
Roman Catholic Church The system responsible for making Christianity as big during the Roman Empire as it was. Leader is the Pope
Mercenary Someone who is hired to fight
Upon the fall of Roman Empire in 500 A.D. who ruled Europe? After the fall of the Western Empire in 476 A.D. most of Europe was under control of various Germanic Tribes
What was one major reform emperor Diocletian made that contributed to the weakness of the empire? Emperor Diocletian split the Roman Empire into East and West, this strengthened the East but weakened the West. This also created division among the empire which contributed to the overall weakness of the Empire.
What religion did Emperor Constantine bring the Roman Empire and what effect did it have upon the empire? Constantine brought Christianity to the Roman Empire making it the official language of the empire. He also moved the capital city from Rome to Constantinople.
What modern day organization continues to keep the former Roman culture alive? The Roman Catholic Church continues to keep Roman culture alive through the Latin language
The fall of the Roman Empire ignited what time period in Europe? The fall of the Roman led to the start of the Middle Ages or Dark Ages for all of western Europe. Trade and commerce stopped, and civilization moved backwards.
During the early history of the Roman Empire why were Christians viewed as a potential threat? Christians were originally viewed as a threat because it took power from the Emperor. Many of the beliefs of Christianity conflicted with beliefs of the Romans and acknowledging God as the ultimate power and being took power away from the Emperor.
What do you consider the greatest external influence that that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire and why? The greatest external influence that led to the fall of the Roman Empire was the constant Germanic raid. The german invaders made it difficult for the army, created trouble in politics, and was a drain on the economy.
What do you consider the greatest internal influence that that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire and why? Political instability-- The lack of prepared and strong rulers allowed all other areas of Roman life to suffer. The constant assassinations and deaths made it impossible for anyone in power to fix any of the many problems.
What political leader do you think contributed most to the fall of the Roman Empire and why? Excluding Nero , Caligula I believe Diocletian contributed the most to the fall of the Roman Empire because when splitting the Empire in two he greatly weakened the western half, which eventually led to the downfall
Created by: kmenard