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GH Nationalism

GH Nationalism and Revolution

A country that is politically controlled by another country colony
love for one's country and culture nationalism
change which can be caused by nationalism Revolution
Person who sets others free from harsh rule liberator
Former slave who liberated Haiti from French control Toussaint L'Overture
Both associated with liberating Mexico from Spanish rule Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos
Associated with liberating Venezuela from Spanish rule. He also founded Bolivia. Simon Bolivar
Liberated Argentina and Chile from Spain Jose de San Martin
A region of Eastern Europe known for conflict caused by nationalism. Includes countries such as Greece. The Balkans
Being united or made into one whole nation Unification
Both associated with the Italian unification movement Giuseppe Garibaldi Camillo di Cavour
Phrase associated with Otto von Bismarck. Refers to using violence to solve issues (war). Blood and Iron
Practical politics, handling political issues based on what the situation calls for Realpolitik
Both associated with German unification Otto von Bismarck