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Chinese Dynasties

The fall of the Mings bad rulers, corruption in government, Manchu's rebellion,
What year did the capital of the Ming Dynasty fall (Beijing) 1644
What Dynasty started after the Ming? The Qing Dynasty
What did all of China's manpower, money, and resources from naval expeditions go into after the voyages ended. The Great Wall of China
China is greatly __________ agricultural
The Ming Dynasty improved methods of ___________ (i.e. transports water) irrigation
Increase in Crops= Increase in ______________ Population
A type of good developed in China (i.e. dishes, Tile) Porcelain
Kublai Khan created the _____ Dynasty Yuan
Kublai Khan _________ Chinese Culture Appreciated
Yuan Dynasty fails because of these 4 reasons 1. cessation of the throne (future generations were bad at ruling), 2. Becomes sedentary or stagnant, 3. corruption in the government 4. Revolts throughout the dynasty.
Zhu Yuangzhang Founder of the Ming Dynasty, overthrew the Yuan Dynasty.
The Ming Dynasty had _____ rule. Chinese
Ming Dynasty kicked out what Dynasty Mongols
Mings brought back what kind of test Civil Service Exams
Ming Dynasty revived what culture/ religion Confucianism
Zhu Yuangzhang changed his name to HongWu
The red turban army created what kind of weapons They developed guns
Ming means ________, contrary to the Mongols meaning ____________. Light, Dark
The next good leader after the death of HongWu Yongle/ Yonglo
Yonglo moved the capital city to Beijing
Yonglo built what unique place Forbidden City
Yonglo was Anti- ___________. mongol
Zheng he brought gifts to whom. The leaders of foreign countries
Leaders of other countries went to China with Zheng He to discuss possible ________> trade
Who started the practice of Eunuchs. Yonglo
Who sent Zheng He on his expeditions? Yongle/ Yonglo
Zheng He exemplified China's naval power by Gaining control over the Indian Ocean.
Civil Service Exams focused on what religion Confucianism
If you pass the civil service exam you can gain a job in the military, government, farming/agriculture
The Great Wall of China was built mostly by which Dynasty? Ming Dynasty
What was the purpose of the Great Wall? To keep out Mongol invaders
As Zheng He dies, so do the ______________. expeditions/voyages
Matteo Ricci An Italian Jesuit Priest, meaning that he goes around to spread Christianity and the belief of Jesus.
What did Matteo Ricci achieve from finding his way into the Ming Dynasty? He emerged Christianity into China and gave them advancements (i.e math and science)
Ming China told everyone else that they were? Supreme over everyone else
The Ming didn't want outside ________ into the Country Sources (i.e. people, religions, beliefs, cultures)= only wanted Chinese in China
What illness reduced the population of the Ming Dynasty Bubonic Plague
What showed that a good ruler was in power A sharp rise In population
Yongle was the son of who? Zhu Yuangzhang
Yongle ruled for _____ years 22
What was the first capital of the Ming Dynasty before Yongle changed it The city of Nanjing.
Heaven gave the leader the mandate or _______ to rule. Right
What were signs that a ruler has lost the Mandate of Heaven? problems in the dynasty (i.e. war, famine, natural disasters, drought)
The Dynastic Cycle explains How a leader is given the Mandate of Heaven and how he loses it.
How does a ruler maintain the mandate of heaven? By Maintaining the land in which the Dynasty owns, be a good leader.
What is the Dynastic Cycle? The cycle in which a ruler is chosen and how they lose power.
How does a leader lose the mandate of heaven? Problems within the dynasty such as war, famine, drought, floods, rebellion.
What dates did Zheng He's voyages take place 1405=1433
Where did the voyages travel? NAME 3 PLACES Acceptable answers: South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Eastern Coast of Africa
What was the main reason behind the voyages of Zheng He? To establish Ming dominance (i.e. military and political power) over other countries
What religion was Zheng He? Muslim
How much force did Zheng He bring on his first voyage? (i.e. people, ships) 317 ships and 28,000 men on the first voyage.
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