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APWH Q1 Geo Quiz

Study Guide for the 1st MP Geography Quiz “Hot Spots: Periodizations 1 and 2”

PlaceAP Region
Olmec Culturally Latin America Geographically central America
Norte Chico South America
Clovis Culture North America
Blombos Cave Southern Africa
Lascaux Cave Western Europe
Gobekli Tepe South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Catalhuyuk South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Ancient Egypt North Africa (sometimes considered in Middle East)
Mesopotamia South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Indus Valley South Asia
Australia Oceania
Nubian Civilization North Africa
Madagascar East Africa
Shang Civilization East Asia
Mesoamerica Culturally Latin America Geographically central America
Andes Mountains South America
Amazon River Valley South America
Fertile Crescent South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Uruk South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Cahokia North America
Mohenjo Daro South Asia
Harappa South Asia
Sumer South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Maya Culturally Latin America Geographically central America
Teotihuacan Culturally Latin America Geographically central America
Chavin South America
Moche South America
Wari South America
Tiwanaku South America
Ancient Greece Southern Europe
Ancient Rome Mainly in Western Europe
Ancient Persia Mainly in South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Athens Southern Europe
Sparta Southern Europe
Susa South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Persepolis South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Meroe East Africa
Nubia East Africa
Axum East Africa
Niger River Valley West Africa
Jerusalem South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Nazareth South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Bethlehem South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Anyang East Asia
Memphis South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Paris Western Europe
London Western Europe
Pompeii Southern Europe
Carthage North Africa
Luoyang East Asia
Xi’an (Chang’an) East Asia
Pataliputra South Asia
Indus River South Asia
Ganges River South Asia
Mississippi River North America
Tiber River Southern Europe
Rhine River Western Europe
Euphrates River South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Tigris River South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Yellow River East Asia
Amazon River South America
Jordan River South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Dead Sea South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Persian Gulf South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Yangzi River East Asia
Jenne-jeno West Africa
Tripoli North Africa
Alexandria North Africa or Middle East (Egypt)
Yucatan Peninsula Culturally Latin America Geographically North America
Appalachian Mountains North America
Rocky Mountains North America
Lake Titicaca South America
Chaco Canyon North America
Nepal South Asia
India South Asia
China East Asia
Himalayan Mountains South Asia
Hindu Kush Mountains South Asia
Gaul Western Europe
Han Dynasty East Asia
Home of Confucius East Asia
Birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama South Asia
Land of Abraham South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Birthplace of Jesus South-Western Asia (Middle East)
Home of Ashoka South Asia
Created by: 22denney