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ACS History Chp. 6

History Chp. 6 Far East 3-18

What is the third largest nation in the world? China
Where did China get its name? Ch'in dynasty
Who had the Great Wall of China built, and how did they do it? Shih Huang Ti -built by hands took hundreds of years to complete
What was the Great Silk Road? A land route that connected China and the Roman Empire and allowed trade.
Who was Confucius? Chinese Philosopher and teacher
Name 7 Chinese inventions or discoveries. silk, paper, printing, porcelain, coal, gunpowder and the compass
Who was the "Father of Faith Missions"? J. Hudson Taylor
Who wrote a book around 1300 that gave Europeans information about China? Marco Polo
Who led the Chinese Communists? Mao Tse-tung --Zedong
Who led the Nationalists of the Republic of China? Chiang Kai-shek
Where did the Nationalists flee to when the communists took over? Taiwan
Who were missionary martyrs in Communist China? John and Betty Stam
What fraction of the world's people live in China? over 1/5 of all the people of the world live in China
What is the main crop raised in China? Rice
Describe a pagoda. a building or tower with many stories--the top is pointed
What is the longest man-made waterway in the world? Grand Canal
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