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Ancient China/India

9th Grade World History

How did the Han emperors gradually change the way China was ruled? they moved from Legalism to Confucian ideals
How did the Han Empire choose the people for a place in government? one who did well on an exam
How did the Qin Dynasty start? Emperor Qin Shi Huang defeated 6 states to end the warring period
What were some of the things that Emperor Qin Shi Huang did to control his Empire?*** short answer -jailed, tortured and killed all critics -he burned all books of Confucian thinkers or any critics of Legalism -buried Confucian scholars alive -sent people to build the wall and his Mausoleum -forbid anyone from criticizing his government
What was the Great Wall Built for? to keep out northern invaders, symbol of the strength of China
What were some of the things found in Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum?***short answer -terracotta army- 6000 soldiers, 100 chariots & 600 horses -bronze birds: set up by a 60m pond to recreate river scene -armory with 100s of armor & helmets -skeletons of over 100 humans w/ bronze plaques-laborers who died while working on it
Who was the 1st leader of the Han dynasty? Liu Bang
Who was the most important Emperor during the Han Dynasty? Emperor Wudi
How did the Han Dynasty decline?***short answer disease, famines, and peasant uprisings; emperor was overthrown in 200 C.E. and China divided into 3 kingdoms
What is filial piety? a virtue of respect for one's parents, elders, and ancestors
Why did the Emperors during the Qin Dynasty encourage harsh punishments for light crimes? they believed that heavy punishments would scare off more serious crimes
What is the Daoist notion of WuWei? action through non-action
The founder of Confucianism is? Master Kong
Confucian values are found in what book? Which are instructions for proper behavior? the Analects
In the 5 Relationships what is the main behavior required? respect, mainly for elders
Why did Laozi believe that striving for power and wealth was harmful? it was not natural
The highest Hindu caste members in India were the? Brahman (priests)
Does Buddhism promote the caste system? no
Chandrgupta went to war with Persia because of what? he fell in love with Helen
How did Chandragupta Maurya control his empire? a bureaucracy
Chandragupta’s adviser Kautilya aka Chanakya wrote about what? guidelines for rulers
Chandragupta’s paranoia showed how?***short answer secret police, women warriors to defend his castle, food tasters (for poison), secret passages, never slept in same bed twice
What happened at Kalinga? Asoka converted to Buddhism
What are Rock Edicts? huge stone pillars inscribed with new policies and laws
What acts of compassion did Ashoka do for his empire? wells and drinking places for cattle, shade trees and rest-houses along the road systems, began free hospitals, veterinary clinics
What were some of the Buddhist policies Ashoka implemented***short answer promoted vegetarianism, limited Hindu animal sacrifices, sent missionaries to China and Sri Lanka
How did the Mauryan Dynasty end?***short answer weak ruler, invasions and internal revolts
What was the state religion during the Gupta Empire? Hinduism
What were some of the achievements of the Indian Empire during the Gupta Empire? astronomy, mathematics, & medicine; performed surgery; found vaccine for smallpox; created calendar based on the sun (7 day week – divided day into hours) & proved Earth was round; created modern numerals; the concept of zero, decimal system, & pi (3.14)
Who brought the Vedas to India? Aryans
What is Jati? your occupation; what you are born into
Where did the word Caste come from? Portugal
Who are the Pariahs?***short answer “Untouchables”, those outside of society, unclean
Who is the God that is considered the creator in Hinduism? Brahma
Who is the preserver in Hinduism? Vishnu
Who is the Destroyer in Hinduism? Shiva
Who is lord of success, destroyer of evil and obstacles, god of education, wisdom and wealth? Ganesha
What is Moksha? soul breaks free of material world and reincarnation and unites with brahman
What is your duty in Hinduism? Dharma
What is rebirth of the soul? Samsura
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
What did the founder of Buddhism do to try and find the answer to suffering? he meditated under a fig tree
The way to end suffering is to follow the 4 nobles truths, which tell us to take this? 8-fold path
What is a Stupa? recognized holy sites/shrine that served as focal points of devotion
How did Hinduism deal with the Buddha? in time the Buddha came to be worshipped as another incarnation of one of the Hindu gods
What is the Torah? the first five books of the Bible
What is the Talmud? interprets the Torah
Who forces the Jews into exile in 586BC? King Nebuchadnezzar
What is a Bedouin? nomadic person who wanders
What was the Ka’aba before Islam? a building full of idols to be worshipped along with many gods and spirits
Who founded Islam? Muhammad
Muhammad left Mecca in 622 and began what? the Hijra, or “flight” to Medina
The holy book of the Muslims is called? Qu'ran
What are the 5 pillars of Islam?***short answer -declaration of faith -daily prayer -alms (donate) to the poor -fasting during Ramadan -Hajj: a pilgrimage to Mecca
Created by: RJEstes