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WH- Unit 5 Review

Post Classical Asia (600 CE to 1450 CE)

Seljuks Turkish group who migrated into the Abbasid Empire in the 10th century and established their own empire in the 11th century
Malik Shah Seljuk sultan who greatly supported the arts and architecture, and adopted much of the Persian culture in the empire.
Tang Taizong Seized the throne in China then used his military experience to expand Chinese borders, while reforming government and law codes later adopted throughout Asia.
Wu Zhao One of Tang Taizong's secondary wives who when her husband became ill virtually ruled by China until assuming power for herself as the first and only woman emperor of China
Moveable Type Blocks of metal or wood, each bearing a single character, that can be arranged to make up a page for printing
Gentry Class of powerful, well-educated and wealthy people who enjoy a high social status in China
Genghis Khan Effective general who united the Mongol tribes and conquered the largest land empire in history
Pax Mongolica Period of peace and stability imposed by the Mongols across Eurasia
Kublai Khan Mongol leader who defeated the Song Dynasty and established the Yuan Dynasty in China
Marco Polo European who traveled throughout Asia and then reported the glories of China back to Europe
Bushido The strict code of behavior that was followed by Samurai warriors in feudal Japan
Shogun Supreme military commander in feudal in Japan, who ruled in the name of the emperor
Tamberlane Mongol leader who defeated and halted the expansion of the Ottoman Empire by destroying the capital of Baghdad
Mehmed ll Sultan of Turkey and founder of the Ottoman Empire. Conquered Constantinople in 1453 and made it his capital
Suleman the Lawgiver Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Empire reached its fullest extent under his rule.
Safavid Member of the Shi'a Muslim dynasty that built an empire in Persia in the late 16th-18th centuries
Mughals Nomadic group who invaded the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century and established a powerful empire
Akbar Mughal emperor of India who conquered most of northern India and excersied religious tolerance
Sikhism Religion developed in northern India, combining both Hindu and Islamic beliefs. Sikhs believe in one God, which can only be known through meditation
Taj Mahal Beautiful tomb in India, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife and one of the seven wonders of the world.
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