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Kunz - Unit 1: Prehistory*

agriculture the process of growing and taking care of domesticated plants and animals
archaeologist A social scientist who studies the past by examining artifacts
artifact Objects made by humans.
B.C.E. Labels for dates of events that happened before Jesus was born.
C.E. Labels for dates of events that happened after Jesus was born
chronology The order events actually happened
domestication training or changing a plant or animal to become more useful to humans
historian A social scientist who studies and writes down what happened in the past.
history The written record of what happened in the past.
hominid a prehistoric human
Homo Sapiens Sapiens a hominid group that made art, traveled to every continent except Antarctica, and made over 100 types of sophisticated tools - they are the same species as modern humans
hunter-gatherer Nomadic people who hunt animals and collect wild plants for food
Ice Age time period when glaciers covered huge areas of the earth
migrate to move from one place to another to find food, or a better climate
prehistory time period before the invention of writing
primary source Documents, or artifacts, that tell us about life in the past and were made by people who were alive at that time.
resources a dependable supply of something useful that humans can use to make their lives easier
specialized To be designed for a specific purpose OR to have specific knowledge or training
Stone Age A time in prehistory when humans made and used stone tools
Created by: mrskunz