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ancient Rome

what is a republic a gov where people select their own leaders
what is a patrician an aristocratic land owner
what is a plebian a farmer, artisan, merchant, or a commoner
what is a legion military unit of the ancient roman army
what is a civil war a war between two groups in the same country
what was the pax romana a period of time where peace and prosperity flourished
who was julius caesar a good leader who brought order to roam
what is a triumvirate group of three rulers
what is a villa a country home owned by a wealthy roman
what is a circus an open air building in which roman chariot races took place
who was a paterfamilias the oldest living male of a roman family who served as the powerful head of the family
who was augurs roman priests who described signs and warnings
who was jesus the leader of the christian religion
who was paul an apostle who played a key role in the spread of christianity
what was an apostle a close follower of jesus
what was diasphora moving away of the jews
what is a bishop head of all churches in one area
who was peter first apostle who helped spread christiantity through syria and judea
what is a pope head of the christian church
who is constantine roman emperor who ended persecution of christians
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