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Ancient Rome

Module 6- Ancient Rome

What was the conflict of interest between Rome and Carthage? Control of the Mediterranean Sea
Why did Germanic peoples invade/attack the Roman Empire? Fear of attacks by the Huns.
Who were consuls? The representatives of the patricians.
What was Roman art like? How was it different than Greek art? Roman art focused on realistic things. Greek art focused on beauty.
As a result of 207 years of Pax Romana, what did the Roman Empire experience? Peace and prosperity
What was the main causes of the fall of the western Roman Empire? It was bigger and was harder to protect.
What is Greco - Roman culture? The Greco- Roman culture was the Roman, Greece, and Hellenistic cultures combined as one.
What did Jesus emphasize in his early teachings? That if they followed him and God, they would go to heaven.
Why do you think the eastern half of the Roman empire survived? It was smaller so it was easier to protect.
What were some of the Romans major achievements in math, science, and technology? The technology was advanced, they paved the path for the new technology to be formed.
What was Augustus’s greatest contribution to Roman society. He made them live in peace and prosperity. He leads them through the “Golden Age” or Pax Romana.
What were the main reasons for Roman’s success in controlling such a large empire? They had good laws and rules.
What are the factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic. All the laws were made for the Patricians, the Plebeians weren’t rich so no laws were made for them.
What role did Julius Caesar play in the decline of the Republic and the rise of the empire? The patricians didn’t like that he gave power to everyone, they only wanted power, not the plebians.
How did Rome’s geography affect its social development? It was right by the Mediterranean Sea so they took a liking to fish and sailing. The social development was the either they were rich or poor, no in between. The temperature and climate were perfect for farming.
What was the significance of the Twelve Table? Held people accountable and responsible for Rome
Explain the life of the patricians/wealthy and the life of the plebeians/poor during the Roman Empire. Patricians had a good life, they had a job and a nice house and a lot of money. The laws were made for them. Plebeians shared a house and didn’t have money, poor quality of food, no job, laws were not made in favor of them.
What are the types of public entertainment that existed in the Roman Empire? Art, acting, gladiator events.
What measures did the government take to distract and control the masses of ancient Rome? They made death look like a good thing. That’s why they made the Colosseum, for people to know that death was a part of everyday life and not to fear it.
How were Jesus’ teachings at odds with Roman values and religious ideas? That they people could love each other and that there is a God of earth that created us.
What are the 5 romance languages? Italian, Romanian, Portuguese Spanish, and French.
What was the emperor's purpose for dividing the Roman Empire? To take control of the Roman Empire more efficient
Why were Roman rulers opposed Christianity. Christians wouldn't worship Roman gods.
Was wasn't a reason for the decline of the Roman Empire? A strong military
What is the design that made significant use of the architectural structure of the arch? Aqueducts
What were the reasons that Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire? It embraced all people: men and women, rich and poor. Rome’s excellent roads encouraged the exchange of ideas. Jesus promised eternal life in heaven
What are the major power struggles in early Roman republic were between... members of the patricians and plebeians
Which of the following was an important principle of Roman law? All citizens are innocent until proven guilty, it was for the patricians only
Which was an important part of the Roman economy? Trade, slavery, and agriculture
The people of the Roman town of Pompeii were killed by a... Volcano
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