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MLA week 2 - departments

Anesthesiology loss of sensation by either injection or inhalation
Cardiology heart and blood vessels
Dermatology skin
Endocrinology endocrine glands and their secretions
Gastroenterology digestive tract and stomach
Hematology blood and blood forming organs
Internal Medicine internal organs
Neonatology new borns and preemies
Nephrology kidneys
Obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) pregnancy, childbirth and reproductive system
Ophthalmology eyes
Otolaryngology ears, nose and throat
Orthopedics prevention or correction of disorders of the bones and associated muscles and joints
Pediatrics infants and children
Pulmonology lungs and the respiratory tract
Rheumatology rheumatic diseases that may affect muscles and joints
Urology urinary tract and male reproductive
Nursing direct patient care
Emergency room emergency care 24/7
ICU fragile patients
surgical operating proceedures
Cardiodiagnostics heart tests
Electroneuro-diagnostics brain tests
Occupational therapy develop or assist with mentally, physically or the emotionally disabled
Pharmacy prepares and dispenses drugs
Physical therapy provides therapy
respiratory therapy lung deficiencies
medical imaging x-ray
radiation therapy cancer treatments/oncology
Hematology dept test blood and blood forming tissues
coagulation the ability of the blood to form and dissolve clots
Chemistry dept perform chemical analysis on bodily fluids
Urinalysis chemical analysis of urine
Serology or Immunology dept study of antigens and antibodies
Blood Bank prepares blood products for transfusions
Microbiology dept the study of micro-organisms
Histology dept the study of tissue
Cytology dept studies the structure and function of cells
Cytogenetics dept function, and abnormalities of human chromosomes (deficiencies)
Accessioning dept specimen testing
cyt = i.e. cytology cell
neo = i.e. neonatology new
neph = i.e. nephrology kidney
Antigens good guys
Antibodies bad guys
Antiseptics Prevents sepsis = Bacteriostatic
Disinfectant Kills Bacteria = Bacteriocidal
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