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protestant the bibles of this religion contain 7 fewer books than those within the catholic
Exegesis known as the process of interpreting scared scripture
Gentile a non-jew
Exodus Moses' leading the Israelite out of slavery in Egypt
St. Jerome this saint translated the bible form Greek to Latin
Vulgate the Latin translation of the bible
covenant a sacred agreement with God
Historical criticism uses archaeological information, along with past events, to determine the particular time period of a specific text
Form a type of literary criticism that studies how a biblical book was developed
redaction criticism types of critics make that focuses on how the writer's understanding of God influenced his writings
Tacitus Josephus roman historians
Fundamentalists people who take the bible literally
Deuteronomy means "second canon"
Apocrypha mean "hidden"
Inspiration a method used by God to reveal himself and His truths to the human authors of scripture
manuscript a piece of document written by hand
Qumran where the dead sea scrolls where found
dead sea scrolls found in 1947 in Qumran
Koine Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians
canon official list of inspired books that are contained within a cat
scribes people who could write
evangelists Mathew, mark, Luke and john
magisterium the leading authority in the church when it comes to interpreting the sacred scripture
law a code of conduct established by those in authority
Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek translations the bible has been written in
Septuagint translation of the old testament from Hebrew to Greek
lectio divinio benedictine tradition that helps a person meet God through prayer and scripture
literalists a person who translate text immediately
parable story that is not based on actual events but still concerns a religious truth
father of the church ancient and influential Christian theologians and writers.
Divine the bible is the written word of ______revelation
liturgy the official form of public worship of the church
inerrant meaning "without error"
genealogy researching one's ancestry
Catechism of the catholic church sums up the beliefs of the catholic beliefs
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