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WH Wynn U9 Review

Absolutism & Revolution

What concept did monarchs use to justify their authority to rule? Divine right
In a constitutional government, power is limited & defined by _____. law
What kind of government would John Locke most likely agree with? A republic
To preserve liberty, Montesquieu said that government should be divided into____. branches
What did John Locke say the people should do if their government violates their rights? Overthrow (change) their government
According to the US Constitution, how is the US government organized? Separation of powers among different branches
How did Louis XIV increase his power as an absolute monarch? He brought nobles under his control; repealed the Edict of Nantes; put commoners into government offices.
What was Peter the Great’s legacy in Russia? Established Russia’s first warm-water port; expanded Russia’s territory; westernized Russia
How did Peter the Great approach making Russia more western? Used autocratic power which led to rapid change
What were the major results of the Glorious Revolution? English Bill of Rights signed; created a limited monarchy
Enlightenment thinkers use natural law for solving _____. social problems
The Scientific Revolution led to the Enlightenment because it encouraged people to use ____ to solve problems. reason
Why did the British colonists resent taxes imposed on them by Parliament after 1763? The colonists didn’t have representation in Parliament.
What building represented the social injustices of the old regime in France before the French Revolution? The Bastille
How did France’s social divisions in the late 1700s contribute to the French Revolution? The 3rd Estate was unhappy with their social and economic inequality.
What event allowed revolutionaries in France seize guns and ammunition, thus starting the French Revolution? The storming of the Bastille on 7/14/1789
What document produced during the French Revolution helped pave the way for social reform? Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
The French Revolution helped change life in France by ending ________. The old feudal class privileges
What did the Napoleonic Code reform in France? The French legal system
How did Napoleon impact Europe after the Napoleonic Wars? He spread the ideas of the French Revolution but did NOT create a French empire in Europe.
How did nationalism impact Napoleon’s conquest of Europe? Napoleon & his armies were seen as foreign oppressors & fought to save their countries from him.
How did Napoleon rise to power in France? He rose to power through the military.
Why was Napoleon unable to set up a French empire in Europe? People resented having French culture forced on them.
The Congress of Vienna’s chief goal was to preserve peace through a ______. Balance of power
How did the Congress of Vienna limit French ambition? Surrounded France with strong countries; restore the balance of power in Europe; restore royal families to their thrones
The system where each branch of government has the power to limit and monitor the actions of the other 2 branches is called _____. Checks & balances
The form of government where the leader has complete authority over the government & the people is called an ______. Absolute monarchy
Life, liberty, and property are referred to as _____. Natural rights
This idea says a ruler’s authority comes from God. Divine right
The agreement where people give up their freedoms to a powerful government in order to avoid chaos is called a/the _____. Social contract
This was the name for the middle class in France. bourgeoisie
This building was a fortress in Paris that was used as a prison. The Bastille
This term is used to describe people who flee their country for political reasons. emigres
This was a period during the French Revolution when people were arrested and executed for NOT supporting the revolution. Reign of Terror
This device was used during the Reign of Terror to execute people by beheading them. guillotine
Created by: Ms.Wynn