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Hindu Terms

Vedas "KNowledge", the main scriptures of Hindu beliefs. Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Athura
Vedanta The system philosophy that further develops the knowledge and truth
Rig Veda The most ancient collection of hindu sacred texts
The creation hymn Brahman came before gods. Most of life is uncertain but the universe is ultimately a mystery
"Night" a story about the night appearing and creatures sleeping
Aryan the people who came to India with their beliefs and conquered
Dravidians original inhabitants of India
Sanskrit Ancient indian language
Upanishads last section of the four vedas, "to sit"
Taitttirya Upanishad one of the upanishads
neti, neti not this, not this
tapas endurance of pain, suffering, through the performance of extreme penance, religious austerity and mortification.
Brahaman the universe and everything
Atman the self and soul
avidya inability to "see" through maya
maya the illusion of what you see versus what is in this world often symbolized by a veil
dharma doing one's duty, the principle that orders the universe
Samsara reincarnation cycle
kama desire or more specifically, sexual desire
moksha instant of enlightenment
advaita All is one and there is no difference between the seer and seen
avatar the reincarnation of a deity, especially vishnu
Krishna the 8th and primary avatar of vishnu: young man that plays flute and rides chariot
Mahabharata "Great Epic of India."
"Sibi" tested by the demigods Indra and Agni, disguised as a hawk and dove
gita song/hymn
Bahgavad-gita "song of god" sacred text
slokas hindu prayer
Yoga of knowledge knowledge of how to be mentally and physically at peace
jnana learns the true nature of the cosmos
bhakti a person worships a god or goddess
karma (yoga) achieve moksha through the elimination of one's karma through work
raja meditation to achieve moksha
non-attached work purity of motives, doing yout best and your duty
Panchatantra (Sanskrit) The collection of animal stories used by sage Vishnu Sharma to teach the king's sons the "art of practical life."
Jain combonation of hinduism and buddhism
sikh combonation of hinduism and islam
Advaita Vedanta Hinduism
tat tvam asi realize atman and brahman are the same
guru teacher
trimurti triad
vishnu perserver and protector
brahma creater
shiva destroyer and restorer
Sadhana following the right path
Sadhu follower of holy path
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