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Module 16

What kind of changes did Church critics want to make? They wanted Popes to be less concerned with luxury and political power. The church had to be more concerned with spiritual things.
What role did Martin Luther play in the Reformation? Martin Luther began the reformation by challenging church practices
What role did Henry VIII play in creating the Church of England? Henry VIII had parliament pass laws to remove England from the catholic church. This started the church of England.
What is Calvinism? Calvinism is a body of religious teachings based on John Calvin's ideas, which included Predestination
Who were two women who played important roles in the Reformation? Two women who played important roles in the Reformation were Marguerite of Navarre and Katherina von Bora
What was Presbyterianism based on? Presbyterianism was based on Calvinist ideas
Who was Martin Luther? German Monk whose protests against the Catholic Church led to the Reformation
What was the Peace of Augsburg? An agreement in 1555 declaring that the religion of each German State would be decided by their ruler
What was a protestant? A member of a christian founded on the principles of the Reformation
What was the 95 Theses It was the response from Luther to the church's corruption
What were the 2 main reasons for European exploration? They wanted to expand christianity and to get money from trade
What were the 3 G's Gold, God, and Glory
When did Christopher Columbus sail to America? 1492
What were the effects of the slave trade? African americans were taken from their families and cultures and introduced guns
What was the columbian exchange? The global transfer of foods, plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas
What was Capitalism? an economic system based on private ownership and the investment of resources
What is inflation When people have more money to spend
What was mercantilism? It was the idea that whoever had the most wealth had the most power
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