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Theology 7/2 - Test

Incarnation, Revelation, Gospels, God

How does God reveal himself to humanity? - Natural Revelation/Human experience - Divine Revelation (through the Bible, God's experience as Jesus Christ)
What is Divine Revelation? - How God reveals himself to humanity
Who is the fullest Revelation of God? Jesus Christ
What does it mean when we say the Bible has one author, but many authors? God is the divine (Godly) author, who inspired the human writers.
Who is the divine author of the Bible? God
How did the human authors know what to write in the Bible? Divine Inspiration - God inspired them to write it
Why do we call the Bible God's Word? Because God inspired it.
What does the word "Gospel" mean? Good news / Good tidings
What kind of genre is Bible writing? Historical Biographies - They focused on his life experience / his message
Who are the four evangelists/gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Each writer had a different background and audience. Each writer had their own perspective and life experience that they brought to their writings, it changed the style and themes.
What are the three stages of Gospel writing? -Jesus lived and taught -It was passed down orally (by word of mouth) -It was mainly transcribed (written down) by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Why is the Bible not like any old book? The Bible is God's Word, it is holy
What does it mean when we say the Bible is an inspired book about religious truth? Not everything was historically true, but it was written to get a point across. That point is God's message, also known as God's Word.
Why do we call the Gospels the "Good News"? The Gospels spread God's word, which is also referred to as the Good News. When Jesus came, he saved everyone, which is the Good News. The Gospels spread this information.
What are the basic facts about Jesus? - He was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth, Israel -He is the son of God, Mary and Joseph are his Earthly parents -Joseph taught him the trade of carpentering -Worshiped at the Synagogue, practiced Judaism -Born 6-4 BC named Yeshua (Joshua)
Define Incarnation Incarnation is when God reveals himself to humanity through Jesus to spread his teachings and to offer salvation from sin. God took on human form in the person of Jesus Christ.
What does it mean when we say that Jesus has "dual natures"? Because Jesus is fully human, he felt things that humans could feel, like temptation, sadness and joy. But, because he was fully divine, he could not sin and demonstrated divine characteristics.
Why did God come to us in the person of Jesus Christ? -Salvation from sin -Show the way and the truth of the life -Show a model of holiness and perfect love -To reveal God and all God’s glory



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