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Module 15


1. Who was Martin Luther? A German monk who protests against the Catholic Church led to the Reformation.
2. What does indulgence mean? The release from punishments due for a sin.
3. What was the Reformation? The 16th-Century movement for religious reform, leading to the founding of new Christian churches.
4. What does excommunicate mean? To take away a person's right to the membership in a church.
5. What is a Lutheran? A member of a Protestant church founded on the teachings of Martin Luther.
6. What is a Protestant? A member of a Christian church founded on the principles of the Reformation.
7. What was the Peace of Augsburg? The agreement of 1555 declaring that the religion of each German state would be decided by its ruler.
8. Who was Henry VIII? The King of England whose conflict with the Catholic Church led to England becoming Protestant.
9. What does annual mean? Annual means to cancel or put an end to.
10. Who was Elizabeth I? The queen of England who reasserted Protestantism in England.
11. What was Anglican? Relating to the Church of England.
12. What kind of changes did Church critics want to make? They wanted popes to be less concerned with luxury and political power; no power to support church; the church needed to be spiritual.
13. What role did Martin Luther play in the Reformation? Martin Luther began the Reformation by challenging church practices.
14. What role did Henry VIII play in creating the Church of England? Henry VIII had Parliament pass laws to remove England from the Catholic Church. The action started the Church of England.
15. What is Calvinism? Calvinism is a body of religious teachings based on John Calvin's ideas, which invented predestination.
16. What were two women who played important roles in the Reformation? Two women who played important roles in the reformation were Marguerite of Navarre and Katherina Von Bora.
17. Who was Huldrych Zwingli? A Swiss Catholic priest who attacked abuses in the Catholic Church.
18. Who was John Calvin? A French Protestant who taught the idea of predestination.
19. What is a predestination? A doctrine that God has decided all things beforehand, including which people will be saved
20. What was calvinism? Religious teachings based on the ideas of the reformer John Calvin
21. What was theocracy? A government controlled by religious leaders
22. Who was John Knox? A Scottish preacher who founded Presbyterianism
23. What is a presbyterian? A member of a Protestant church governed by elders and founded by John Knox.
24. What was an Anabaptists? A Protestant group during the Reformation who believed only adults should be baptized and that church and state should be separate.
25. Who were women reformers? Noble women protected reformers
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