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Religion study

exam 1

What is Judism? religion of the Jews
Akkudians beginning their culture and language
montheism 1 god
polytheism more than one god
atheism no well or not in human interaction
Adonar someone taht has more controlm, power over you
the first concenant abaraham and god
mosaic convenat is when god want to moses and changed the conventant
what is the 1st commandment? no other Gods before me
what is the 2nd commandment? shalt not use Gods name in vien
3rd commandment? remember the sabbath day
4th commandment? honor mother and father
5th commandment? shall not kill
6th commandment shall not commit adultry
7th commandment thou shall not streal
8th commandment shalt not bear false witness against thy neightbor
9th commandment thou shalt not covert thy neightbor's house
10th commandment thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, and things
what is hebrew social class with nothing connecting them. Group of people left Egypt and believe group
ark of the covenant a big box that held the convenant
tabernacle tent of the presents holds the arc of the covenant mobile space to worship
canaan promise land
Why didn't Moses make it to the Promise land? he did not follow what God had told him to do
who was the 1st true king? David
David and galmith he stand up when nobody else want to step followed and fight connected all 12 trebutes made the capital city outside of the 12 so nobody felt like they had more power
solomon made the temple for the ark of the convernt
the temple central of jerusulem
where did the 10 tributes live israel
where did the 2 tributes live Judah and the had the capital
what did doing to different crimes equal death
Where Herbrews allowed to have slaves yes but this was different then the american slavery this slaves had rights and protection
Why did some of the people sell themselves or why did the men in the family save his family? paying off debt
Could women marry outside the group? no because then the women and children are not hebrew they are want where the women marriage into
could the man marry outside the group? yes because the women and his children would follow the same as he did
What is a prophet a prophet is a person or people that spreak on behalf of God
What was the common thread that the messages from the Prophets have? social justice
Isaiah prophets about social justice fall of Islam by Gods hand war coming and talked about people and how the lion will lay down with the lamb
Elijah greatest prophets love by god god take his heavonly body to heavon never truely died so technically still alive
vision of ezekiel two wheel on fire with eyes and gaint wings they know that and was still there
cyrous the persian allows the Jews to come back to they home land king of the Persian believe that cryus worship the same God as the Jews but he had never heard of God before
2nd common weath government by the Jews group of people for the common gold
Torah introduction or guidelines help teach people and teach children first 5 books scripts
Hellenization jews people living in Alexandra started getting into the Greek cultures
Why is religion changing a bad thing? because we think that the past was pure
sectarian divisions different groups but sees each other as equals accepts the differences as a good thing
essenses withdraw from the Jew's culture religion practices: wanting to religious pure
saddarees wealthy priest and families the temple the writing was read literally don't need to make new scriptures if it's not in the Torah it doesn't matter
Sanhedrin forcing the law ran by the saddarees and phanisees
Phanisees upper middle class work read and write educated trying to make the Torah connected to everyone and everyday lives
Zealots religion part of their ideas
Passover/ Psach 8 day festival based on the Jewish calendar april/may open's on a saddath to remember when they were in bandage and in slave in egyrt
Shavuot week of weeks Happens 49 days into spring first fruits law to Moses which is the first fruit of the convert
Sukkot time to remember when the Hebrews where going to the desert for 40 years
Days of Awe started after Rosh Hashanah day to think about you have done in the past year broke into Shafar, 10 days of Penitence, yom kippur
shofar support to call the people back to the convent turning back to the convent after hearing the horn
10 days of Penitence 2 days of Rosh Hashanah and the 8 days of Days of Awe support to go back to the people and say sorry seek right from humans that you have mislead
Yom Kippur holiest day in the Jewish Cal the high Preistor would say God's name 1 time a year offering not kill they would be sent to the outside of town
Philosophical Judaism the scriptures should not be taken litentally
the messiah physical beings no connection between messiach and sins
sheol not good or bad place where everyone goes after death
Rabbi education group of Jews they can do things that other people can not they know the law not in the family
the synagogue a place where Jews come together a house of gathering a place to do things that they need to as a group 3 times a day
what inside of a synagogue? cut or paint niche, torah Ark, Ner Tamid, Bema, Menorah,
a cut or painted niche this would let you know where Judaism a niche is a whole in the wall
Torach Ark/ Holy Ark the scriptures
Ner Tamid Entire lamp above the torah ark oil lamp are in the push
Bema a platform in front of the synagogues
Menorah Holds the candles
Tanak the center source for scriptures 3 parts in this books old testments
TNK T: Torah N: Nevi'im K: Keruvim
Torah 5 books exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy numbers the laws that applies to everyones life midrash mishnah right and wrong to do
Nevi'im collection of 22 books 600 years
Ketuvim mix of different stuff 900 CE
Midrash Rabbi can sit down -change the language -summary -explaining the stories
Mishnah Rabbi Judah a summary and what is important in the Tanak Oral law 6 organizes
Oral law God to Moses and pasted down from person to person its written down
6 organizes seeds festivals women Damages Holy Things Purification
seeds everything to do with argulture
festivals when, how, where
women to answer the question about women
damages civil and crime law
Holy things retails -what do they mean -what are they -how should do it
Purification what makes you pure or unpureed you went to be clean, so your offering would be accepted once you became unpureed how to get pure again
process of Interpretation laws don't say anything humans must read and understand what it means changing the meaning applying things that are close related
Halakha trying to live a life a path to go follow the law dietary law
dietary law can and cant eat
koshen is the food that they eat
Trayf food that they cannot eat -pigs -shellfish -cant eat meat and dairy together
kashrut is acceptable to eat such as: cow; beef and dairy
Repentance teshuvah turning over and restarting following different ways and try do the things trying not to do the same thing again living a life of the good giving off one and other
gentiles non-jew people of another nation
goyim non-Jewish people
Sephardim Jews living in Muslim land practice a form of religion that was practice in the religion they could more about being Jewish festival on the streets
Ashkenazim center to eastern Europe Christians could kill Jews made the Jews wear star of David
Jews in Africa and Asia casing system marry in the casing system
Saadia because you why come up with the same reasons that are in the scriptures sense of observation logical inference and reasoning
Mainmonides educated effort and having debts about the religion free will is not a thing because God knows everything should question everything about life
Merkavah studying the weird parts of the scriptures
Kabbalah no word and no way to understand
Sephirot each one of the 10 having a meaning about God
Gematira finding secrets and hiding the meaning behind words there are secrets between the games
Hasisism Pious Grows out of kabbalah Formed by Baal Shem Tov
Reform how much can we change and what has to stay to stay jewish the religion changed over the time period reasons go with the meaning of Jewish idea If reasons change then the ideas changes
Conservative the amount of change is based on how much the people want like to change as group of people based on peoplehold to be a jew is to be a person of Gods chosen people
Orthodox the will of God has impact the meaning of what it means to be Jew Tradition follow and they do them all
Reconstructionist jewish that follows the practice but only culture they are born into it, they may not believe in the whole thing but they do it because of their family
zionism dont have to be a jew and jews dont have to be zionistic looks at what happens in the past and wanting to create a safe nation for people that are Jewish
Jewish Practice Prayer public ritual sabbath
prayer formal or unformal the shema
the shema scripture passage this is inside the tefillin and the Mezauzah
the refillin a pair of two black cube made out of leather and connected by a leather string one box goes on the forehead and one on the upper left forearm
tallith a fringed shawl traditionally worn by jewish men at prayer any color it is to veil yourself in the presents of God
Public Ritual synagogue services Yawmulke
synagogue service reading from the tormah prayer singing prayer as group and individual two different prays
two prays Kaddish and Alena
Kaddish set of words full or half
Alena set in stone
Yarmulke small hat the lays on the back of head shape you to the Jewish religion men only and women slowly wearing it
Sabbath friday sunset to saturday sunset you dont work it meant to be for resting
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